10 Types of Digital Marketing Channel you should know.(2O19 Guide)

Digital marketing is a new fancy Buzzword.


Now the Buzzword gets popularity day by day and many people want to know more about this field??

In the beginning, many people get confused because there are many types of digital marketing field are available.

So this complete guide helps you to know about Digital marketing and his various types.

But now, here we first discuss what Digital marketing actually is.

You may think marketing through the Digital medium is known as digital marketing.

But that’s not the Accurate definition of Digital marketing.

It is slightly different…

Ok, don’t worry I am going to make you understand through a practical term.

”Marketing and growing business through electronics & internet medium are known as online marketing or Digital marketing”.


According to Wikipedia, Digital marketing is an umbrella term and it consists of several modules or types and that are used in Growing or marketing a product or service.


Here we know when all modules/channels are packed up then the term is known as Digital marketing.

Yes, the above definition is more thorough and easy to Understand.

But you may be confused with types of digital marketing.


So here we Going to discuss on:-

             1)Types of Digital marketing channels.

             2)Importance of Digital marketing in business

             3)Final words.

If you want to get knowledge on the above topics briefly then come with me and read mindfully and also note down some important things.

Different Types of Digital Marketing Channels

You know.

Digital marketing is a very vast field and it also consists of several modules and strategies.

Types of digital marketing are also one of the Confusing parts for beginners because it subsists of more than 10 verities.

But here I going to solve your Confusion.

let’s get started with the First and most important Module.

1)Content Marketing.

content marketing

You may hear Content is the king.

That absolutely Right in Digital marketing Field.

Actually, online marketing starts with Content.

Just assume, in a business if the product is fabulous then eventually lots more people like those products and also Buy it or even recommend to others.

In digital marketing, Content is your product if you create amazing/compelling and problem-solving content then lots more people definitely attracted towards your Content.

If people Come to read your article where you can showcase your products and service, in that way you can generate More seals and profits.

In that way, Content marketing is working.

If you want to know what is Content?


Content is anything where you can get knowledge it may be in a Text, Infographics, Videos, Podcast or Images format.

So now you may clear about what is Content.

Now we discuss what is Content Marketing?

When you use your Content to attracts people towards to your business it’s known as Content marketing.

Through a well-planned Content marketing strategy, you can just skyrocket your sells and profits.

If you choose the right kind of keywords for your Content marketing strategies then you can generate good ROI(Return of investment).

So that in the digital marketing field, Content Marketing is one of the powerful marketing strategies.

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2)SEO(Search Engine Optimization)


Do you know how many blog posts publish per day?

it’s 2.5million approx.

In between 2.5million, Your post is one of them.


Then how you can attract traffic to your article.


Lot’s of confusion…Right?

There is one way by that you can stand with the Competition.

The way is SEO…Search engine optimization.

If you write WOW!! article with proper optimization then you can Rank on the Search engine like Google & Bing and also you get lots of traction towards your post.

But write a WOW article is not very easy.

You have to think like a searcher or a customer.

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Actually now SEO definition is changed to SEARCH EXPERIENCE OPTIMIZATION after Google Rankbrain update.

If you don’t optimize your article for the user Intent then Google doesn’t give you the ranking boost.

Write an article that solves your reader problem then definitely a reader stick on your post for some minutes and checks it completely.

Then the Search engine can Understand your post is valuable for online visitors and they give you the Ranking boost also.

For doing SEO for your online business is lot’s more competitive now, But if you properly use some SEO technique then you can rank high on search engine.

In SEO there are 3 terms 1)Technical SEO.2)On-page SEO. 3)Off-page SEO.

So learn these 3 terms Deeply and implement on your website, you definitely get a good result.

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3)Search Engine Marketing.


SEM is a part of Paid Marketing.

SEM is working on PPC(pay per click) based advertising.

Both SEO & SEM are working similar but for SEM you have to pay for it.

We already know in SEO technique we have to rank the Webpage on the Search engine or optimize the page For getting a higher ranking.

To getting rank on the 1st page of any search engine is very difficult and also time-consuming for all and we have to use some best SEO and content marketing strategy then it will be possible.

But in the case of SEM, you can directly Rank on any search engine 1 st page by writing a simple Article. (In a single Day)

But you have to pay for it when someone clicks on your website result.

If the keyword is very profitable and competitive then you have to pay more for it actually.

So, sometimes it will very expensive also.

But in the case of SEM, you can get a quick result without doing SEO.

So, here we know marketing any business website through search engine it knows as SEM.

Just check an example of SEM

When I search ”Blue shoes” in Google then I found some Paid listing, the result came to SEM technique.{See the below screenshot}

sem technique

If you want to grow your online Business in an efficient manner then use both SEO & SEM technique.

4)Social Media Marketing.

social media

We all use Social media channels like-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin & Youtube, etc.

A huge amount of worldwide Audience now is on Social media and they are also consistently Active more than 4 hours a day.

In all Social Media channels, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook are the highest growing and big Audience base channel.

Day by Day many people connected through internet service so eventually social media users grow Aggressively

Below is the growth rate of social media users Region wise.

social media users

Now you may clearly understand the user base and engagement of Social media channels.

So let’s discuss some points on Marketing using social media channels.

Actually marketing product & services through social media brands are known as Social Media Marketing.

If you have any product or service then you can easily market it through Social media and get Good no of sells and traffic for your business.

In social media marketing, you can also target the right Audience for your Business.

By category wise marketing strategy you can get better ROI.

Social media is Good for Brand Awareness literally, you can spread Awareness of your business to the target Audiences.

One big Advantage of Social Media marketing is you can start marketing with a very low budget and also you can get organic attraction without spending money.

For getting new customers to your business, social media is one of the important marketing strategies for every type of organization.{Both small scale & large scale}

So, try to learn more about  Social media marketing because it is very important for all kinds of business.

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5)Email Marketing.

email marketing

It is one of the oldest forms of online marketing.

At first when digital marketing evolution is started out then E-mail marketing is used in most cases.

Still, it’s used and it is one of the best marketing technique for getting Sells and conversion to the business.

Through Email marketing, you can easily get connected with your customers by giving him free information and resources.

Remember one thing ”Don’t convince your customer

                                                                       Connect with your Customer”

Then Automatically Your product gets sold out.

So, Email marketing is the best way to create a relationship and build trust with your existing Customers.

For doing an effective Email marketing strategy you have to Follow some steps:-

1)Collect Emil Subscribers list through Your Website or Social Media pages.{You can collect Email by giving any free resources like-Ebook, small video courses, Weekly newsletter.

2)Collect only targeted Email Subscribers, don’t buy the Email list from anyone.

3)Try to give valuable free Resources on a weekly basis to your subscribers.

4)Try to build trust and relationship with your Email subscribers.

5)After giving some proper value to your subscribers then try to promote your business product/services or any offer and coupon code.

6)Always loyal with your customer and try to give him proper value.

So, follow the above simple and effective Email marketing tactics for getting more result to your business.

6)Affiliate Marketing.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing means online salesmanship.

You can earn money according to your selling.

And you know through the help of Affiliate marketing many normal people make million’s dollar online.

Million dollars!!

Sounds Amazing…Right?

But in Affiliate Marketing make a single dollar is not very easy Actually.

Yet it possible Also…

Many people make million’s of dollars, Then why you not?

For learning Affiliate Marketing in detail I am suggesting you Check out below blogs.

But here I am going to understand you the definition of Affiliate marketing.

  ”It is the way to earning commission by selling other business products and service by own marketing skill…

By the help of Affiliate marketing, you can earn money without any own product and business can make sells without any employee.

Ooo!! That’s really very amazing.

So, Affiliate marketing is emerging day by day and many businesses and individual people those who want to make money online they are benefited by this process.

If you are an online business owner then make sure to register your products on various affiliate marketing sites and also make your own page for joining as an affiliate.

That’s why more people join your affiliate network and sell your products and eventually you make a profit for your business.

7)Mobile Marketing.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is a part of digital marketing through that a business can grow their reach to mobile users and tablet users.

It is evolving day by day.

More than 80% of internet users have their own mobile phone.

That’s why different types of Brands connect with people and grow their business online.

A business can connect with the customer through mobile via Social media, Websites, Youtube video, email, Apps, and Sms.

You know Google mention more than 65% of online search is done by Mobile device only.

So every big online brand is Focus on Mobile marketing most.

If you want to build your brand through Mobile marketing then Follow below steps:-

  • Understand the Buyer Persona of Mobile users.
  • Optimize your business website for Mobile device.
  • Do Email marketing and Messenger marketing for your business.
  • Run mobile friendly Advertising.
  • Try to engage with your Audience via Sms marketing.

So try to learn more about the above points deeply and implement on your business.

For today’s edge business Mobile marketing is very necessary, so make sure to learn this marketing strategy deeply.



Analytics is one of the important and hardest parts of digital marketing.

Most of the business confuse in the Analytics part so that they don’t track their business position and customers needs.

So that the reason Business Data Analytics one of the highest paying career option.

Analytics means tracking the business position and strength and in which area business need help or development.

Also by analytics one business can tracking customers behaviors and interest.

For online data analytics, lots of software and tool is available.

By using those tool you can just analysis your website or Business Page visitors and their activity.

For an expert in Analysis field, you have to gain more knowledge on market research, customer analysis, and Competitors analysis.

So deep go on Business analytics subject then you can get more knowledge about it.


9)Influencer Marketing.

influencer marketing

Marketing any product or Branding any business through industry-leading experts is know as influencer marketing.

Top leading experts have huge no of follower base on their social media handle so that they are promoted company product and service to their followers.

By the help of influencer marketing strategy, a product is more popular on a short-term basis.

If any business needs trust in their product and service then influencer marketing is one of the best options for them.

Influencer Marketing helps in spreading brand awareness about any kind of business through social media.

Your Brand will be very famous in short time period if you invest a good amount in this marketing strategy.

For influencer marketing always choose some top notch and well know people.

You can also find lots of small industry influencer from Youtube and Instagram.

10)Video Marketing.

video marketing

Now videos are dominating the Digital marketing industry.

It is one of best conversion generates online marketing Tools.

Due to internet penetration worldwide people’s are consuming more and more videos content rather than textual content.

If you want to get more conversion and engagement for your business Advertisement then Video Marketing is the best strategy.

By the video advertisement, people connect with brands through visually and emotionally.

Youtube and Facebook is the best platform to do Video Marketing.

So, Try to invest your money in Video marketing to get Better ROI.

In the above topic, we discuss 10 types of Digital Marketing Strategy.

Every topic have their own Subtopic, So now you may feel Digital Marketing is a very Vast Field and it consists of several Modules.

So try to learn any one topic fast then Go for other modules.

If you expert in any one topic then you can get a job on that particular field also after some experience, you can start your own digital marketing company or freelance agency.

Digital marketing is a very trending career option right now and many company and agency want good skill Digital marketers.

So take the opportunity seriously and make your life better in the future.

Now we discuss Why we learn Digital marketing or what are the benefits to use digital marketing.

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Importance of Digital Marketing.

Today’s world is a digital world.

Most people now are on the Digital media platform.

Due to internet penetration nowadays every single people want to connect with worldwide through social media.

Even people are getting their daily knowledge and entertainment from the Digital media.

By that the sign we can clearly assume we all are living a digital life.

Because it is convenient, Easy, Quick and cost effective also.

So that the reason the Importance of digital marketing is increasing day by day and people are also Adopting digital media as their part of their life.

Actually that the reason every type of business need digital marketing to survive nowadays.

If businesses are not changing with today’s trends then they are out of the competition.

Digital media marketing is actually very cost effective and results-driven way for business nowadays.

Also, there is much Importance of digital marketing that skyrockets business growth.

  1. By digital marketing, a business can easily tracking customers behaviors and interest.
  2. A business easily retargets its existing Customers.
  3. A business can show his Ads to interested customers only.
  4. Business can easily edit and optimize his Ads anytime.
  5. A business can be tracking their seals and conversion easily.
  6. You can sell your products worldwide.{By seating at home}
  7. It is very cost effective and also you can market your business organically for free.

And lots more benefits are on Digital marketing.

So try to Implement every type of digital marketing channel for your business growth and Branding.

Now let’s summerise it ”what we learn”…

Conclusion on Types of Digital marketing.

In this complete Guide we learn about different types of digital marketing Strategy and how can you implement these strategies in your business development.

Also, digital marketing is one of the new and dynamic fields, So that beginners learners face very much problem to learn.

By that reason, I am creating this Guide for your better understanding of Digital marketing types, so that you can implement for your business growth or you can make a career in that particular field.

I am recommended you to don’t learn every module of digital marketing at the initial level, it is confusing for you.

Just start with one topic and try to learn everything on that Niche and be sure to experiment all those things.

In my perspective, the best way to learn digital marketing is starting out a new blog and implement your strategy what you learn.

By that, you can get both theory and implementation knowledge.

Here the complete guide on “Types of Digital marketing” is finished.

If you Enjoy reading this Guide, then make sure to share it with others.


Thank you all.

Also, Check,


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