10 SEO tips for Beginners 2019{Own the 1st Page of Google}

I know Search Engine optimization is one of the Complex and Confusing Task for a Beginners.

But if you are Blogger then you need to Learn and understand about SEO.

Let’s Explore why?

Because for a Blogger Search engine is one of the best methods to Drives Targeted and qualified traffic.

For Driving Traffic, obviously, you need to Rank on the first Page of Google or any Search engine.

Ranking No1 on Google for a certain Term is not so Easy.

You need to Implement both ON-PAGE & Off-PAGE SEO technique for it.

Now you may think SEO is so Hard…

Actually Not.

It’s Not so Hard but you need to Implement Right strategy that Works.

But as a Blogger you need to Burn your Hands to Learn and Implementing SEO technique.

Because New Bloggers have don’t enough Budget to Invest on Paid Advertising for getting Traffic to there site.

So now you may Understand what’s the Importance of SEO for Bloggers.

For that Reason, I am Going to Give you a detailed Information on Basic Seo tips for beginners.

In this SEO TIPS FOR BEGINNERS GUIDE, we Discuss various Actionable tips on:-

→Add website with Search Consol.

→Migrate Http to Https.

→How to find Low competitive & High converting keywords.

→Creating Seo Friendly Article.

→Optimize Page title, Meta Description, and slug.

→Optimizing Organic CTR{click through rate}

→Improve your Site Dwell Time and Bounce Rate.

→Internal & External Linking.

→Basic of Link Building.

→Content Promotion Strategy.

By learning & implementing Above Steps you can able to drive organic traffic from Google as a beginner.

You know one thing, I recently use these simple steps to Rank 1st page on Google for keywords like:-

->Earn money online with Google.{with similar terms}

rank screenshot

->Seo Article writing tips.{with similar terms}


->Free traffic for Blog.{with similar terms}

Rank on first page

And lots more…

If the above simple steps are working for me then why it’s not working for you.

Believe me or not those simple Hacks works Incredible if you Implement on your Next Blog post.

Let’s Discuss deeply on those Tactics…


1o Simple SEO tips for Beginners that Really works


1)Add your site on Google Search Console

search consol

Google Search consol or Webmaster Tool is used to analyze Your site Growth.

After creating a Blog, First of all, you need to Add your property to Search Consol, then you have to create and submit your sitemap on Webmaster tool.

If your site is creating with WordPress then you can able to create your sitemap through Yoast SEO or Rank math plugin.

After adding your sitemap you need to check out your Search consol on Daily Basis, If there is any problem occurs, you can Fix it.

Generally, Crawl Error, Indexing Error, and sitemap Error occur and that you can Fix it very Easily.

Now your First step Towards SEO is finished.

Let’s come to our 2nd Seo tips for beginners.

2)Migrate your site to Https.

migrate to https

If you still on Http then your site is not secure and you know it is one of the Ranking factors of Google.

So make sure you need to Migrate your site Http to Https.

For migrating your site you need to Add an SSL CERTIFICATE.

After adding SSL you can see a Secure Lock Badge on your site above left corner.

Https comes under Important Technical SEO factore.

After Convert your site to Https you can able to see a Small Ranking Improvements on SERP.


3)Keyword Research.

keyword research

Keyword Research is one of the crucial parts of the Seo or Another way Keywords show you the Direction where you want to Go.

Proper keyword Finding is really very Important for SEO & blogging success.

Because in the SEO process you need to optimize your blog post around keywords that’s why people can find your information on the Search engines.

In the keyword research process, you need to Find out the best convertible and low competitive Keywords.

And that was the biggest Challenge.

Finding low competitive commercial intent keywords is Really very Hard because Most of the commercial keywords are used by Big Authoritative websites and they already Rank on those keywords.

But if you look Deeply then there are some Longtail keyphrase available that have high Buying Intent and easy to Rank for.

But there is also one problem…

The problem is low volume.

But Something is far better than Nothing…

If you are going to optimize your blog for high Competitive short tail keywords then You can’t able to compete those Big Trusted sites.

You know, If you weren’t able to Rank your website on the First page of Google then you will get ZERO traffic from Search engine.

It’s Really a frustrating Moments.

So that I am suggesting you focus on Longtail keyword variation.

If you create a detailed article on longtail keywords then you can easily able to Rank on the First page of Google.

Obviously, thing, If you rank on the First page then you definitely get some decent search traffic and you know search Engine traffics are highly qualified and convertible.

So now you may understand the Importance of using Longtail keywords on your Blog.

Now the question is How to Find out longtail keywords on your Niche.

Let’s understand it shortly…

First of all, Choose a Broad term that available on your Niche and type it on Google and scroll Down and see the below Longtail keyword version.

In my case, I am searching the keyword ”Rank on Google” and Find out 6 to 7 longtail and easy to Rank keywords.

Rank on Google

Some above keywords are easy to rank and it also some decent search volume.

For finding keywords volume and competition for free you can use Ubersuggest or Kwfinder and for Paid keyword tool you can use Semrush or Ahref.

In that way, you can able to find out the best keywords for your blog post.

For learning Keyword Research in Detailed process, I am suggesting you read Backlinko keyword Research Guide. 

Read->How to find keywords with the help of Ubersuggest.


4)Create Optimized article.


I want to tell you one straight forward thing ”Well optimized and problem-solving Content ranks well on Google”.

Because Google only wants to show a better result on his First page.

So that the reason you need to create Well optimized Content that solves the searcher query.

But how to develop that type of Optimised Content?

Let’s Discuss (step by step)…

→Try to write well research and Detailed Article that more than 2000 words.

→Write Article according to your searcher Intent that’s why you can able to solve the searcher problem.

→Don’t focus only on your primary keywords, Try to use some synonyms keywords of your focus keyword on your Article.

→Use your Main focus keywords in between your first 100 words of your Article.

→Write your Blog post with a short paragraph that’s why your Article Readability will Increase.

→Highlighted your Important tips and keywords on your Content.

→Use some Good quality Images or Infographics and if possible Add some Related videos.{By that way User Engagement will Increase}

→Interlink with your old blog post and Give some outer link to similar Resources of other sites.

Follow the above steps for Creating Reach and optimized Article.

Ok now let’s Jump into the next Seo tips for beginners.


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->19 Best Ad networks for new webmasters/Bloggers.

->How to Approve Adsense {12 easy steps}

->21 Best ways to Make money online in India.

5)Optimize Page Title, Meta description, and Slug.

After creating a well-optimized post then Page title, Meta description, and Slug play an Important Role in the Seo.

So how can you optimize your Page Title, Meta description, and Slug?

Okay, Continue reading you will Understand How.

When your Article writing work is Finished then you have to create your Page title with your most used keyword or Focus keyword.

Let’s take an Example-> Assume your Focus keyword is “EARN MONEY ONLINE” then your Title will be like this->Best ways to EARN MONEY ONLINE in India.{you may see I am using my Focus keyword In between the Title}

NOTE:-> Try to make Title of your post in between 60 characters.

Above is the best Example of how can you optimize your Post Title.

Now come to the Meta Description Part.

For optimizing Meta Description you also need to use your Focus keyword or the synonyms varients of your main keyword.

Okay, take an Example->Again Assume your Focus keyword is “EARN MONEY ONLINE” then you have to use this focus keyword when you Creating your Meta description and also try to use The synonyms of your Focus keyword in The meta description.

If your Focus keyword is “EARN MONEY ONLINE” then your synonyms variants may be EARN MONEY ONLINE FROM HOME or EARN MONEY ONLINE FROM GOOGLE etc…(so try to use your synonyms varients of your main keyword)

NOTE:->Try to make your post meta description in between 120 characters.

Now come to the final part, How to optimized Slug?

For optimizing the Slug you need to do the same things again “use your focus keyword in the slug”.

EX:- Assume your Focus keyword is “Earn M0ney online” then your Slug will be like this->https://yoursite.com/Earn-money-online/

NOTE:->Try to make your slug as small as possible.{3 to 4 words length slug is perfect}

Now you may understand how to optimize Title, Meta description and Slug for SEO.

Let’s move to Our next Seo tips.


6)Optimizing Organic CTR.

organic ctr

You know CTR is one of the important Ranking factors for Google.

For, getting the 1st page Ranking you need to Improve your CTR of your Blog post.

So how can you Improve the CTR of your Blog post?

Let’s see…

->Make your Title click-worthy and exciting for a user.

->Create a title according to your searcher intent.

->Use some Title Modifiers like- Best, Top, Exciting, Legit, Easy, Scam and also use Number and Date or current years.

Let’s See some Example of Title->1)Top 5 benefits of Green Tea in 2019{No 5 will sock you}.

2)Benefits of Green Tea in 2019.

3) 5 Best benefits of Green Tea in 2019.

Honestly choose one Title…which one are you Going to choose?

Definitely, No1 Result is excited you.

->And also Try to Make your Meta Description descriptive and According to the searcher intent.

Follow some Above Practical Technique to Improve Your Organic CTR.

7)Improve your Dwell Time and Bounce Rate.

First of all, Dwell time means “How much time a visitor spends time on a Page” and Bonce Rate Consider according to “How many pages a user Viewed after landing a website”

Dwell Time and Bounce Rate is a very Important User Experience signal for Google.

By the help of Dwell time and Bounce rate, Google understands how much people Engage with your website and Contents.

So now the question appears How to Improve Dwell time and Bounce rate of a website.

Let’s Understand it…

->Your Content must be similar to your Headline.

->Write better Enaginging Article and try to Use some Good Images and Videos.

->Ask question to your Reader in between your Article.

->Internal link your blog post with similar Article that you already published that’s why after checking one Article a user read your similar Article and your Website bounce rate will also Decrease.

Follow the Above steps to Improve your Dwell Time and Bounce Rate.

8)Internal linking and External linking.


Internal Linking means linking your one blog post with another blog post of the same website.

External Linking means linking to relevant resources of other websites.

Now you may Understand well what is Internal and External Linking.

Let’s See how can you Done both the Technique efficiently.

For Internal Linking, You need to add some hyperlinks of your old relevant blog post in the New one & New relevant links in the older one.

In that way, your New page gives traffic to the older page and your older page gives Link juice to the newer page.

Example of Internal Linking:->SEO article writing tips that help you Rank on Google. ↵If you click on the Blue link that I provide then you will redirect to my website.

By Internal linking with your older Blog post, you can able to send traffic and link juice to that page.

So, Always try to Internal link with the similar blog post of your page.

Now we Understand how to do External linking.

Let’s see…

When you writing a Blog post then you can’t write on every topic, so in that case, you can Link to other resources.

At that time you can Add some relevant post links of other sites with those keywords or topic.

That’s it.

Example of External linking->How to find Best Keywords for a new blog post.

If you click on the above blue link then you will Redirect to a different website, so that it’s known as external linking.

Now you may think why are you giving links to other websites?

Okay, let me tell you the reason behind it…

By External linking your blog with a similar article on other websites, Google crawler understand your website Genuinely help people to solve their problem.

And also Understand well about your post and Index it quick…

Actually, External linking works amazingly in giving you better Ranking on Google SERP.

9)Learn Basic of Link Building.

link building

Links is still one of the Important Ranking Factors for Google.

More links->High Authority, If High Authority then you will Rank easily on the front page of Google.

So that the reason Link Building is one of the important work you need do on Weekly basic.

Don’t think you need just links to Rank high on Google you need to Build and Attracts high-quality do-follow links for your website.

So how can you Build and Attracts Links to your website?

Okay, I am going to giving you some Important points so Try to note it on a copy.

Let’s start…

->Create High quality and Unique Blog post that Far better than your Competitor and After creating that type of copy try to promote it more on Social media and getting more Eyeball attention. (If more people see your amazing copy then they definitely link to it)

->Try to do Email outreach to get High-quality Backlinks.

->Do Guest posting on other similar Blog.

->Create compelling Infographics.

Above are some best ways to get Backlinks to your website without paying Mony to other link building services.

Now come to our last Seo tips for beginners…

10)Content Promotion Strategy.

blog promotion


You know after publishing content the actual War is happening.

You need promoting your content for getting traffic to your newly written blog post.

Actually, Content promotion is not a very Easy job.

Your Content Marketing skill decide how much success you will get from your Blog.

Don’t worry you can learn the Art of Content promotion by practicing every day.

Okay Now come to the Topic.

How can you promote your Article for getting Targeted traffic for your Blog?

Also, read-20 Best ways to promote a new Article.

Let’s see how?…

->Use push Notification on your blog to collecting subscribers and when you publish some new post then it directly sends Browser Notification To your subscribers.

->Start collecting Email Address from your website visitors and send your new post to your subscribers via Email.

->Blog commenting on other Relevant blogs on daily basis. (Try to comment more than 10 blogs on daily basis to drive some decent traffic to your new blog post)

->Start Answering on Quora and Yahoo answer and put your new Blog post link there. (Keep answering for some month it starts gives you some decent traffic)

->Promote your Blog post on Facebook and Linkedin Groups to getting more eyeballs.

->Do guest Blogging and put your new blog post link there to drive Consistent Traffic from other websites.

->Join some Forum or Community and share your blog post links there.

->Also you can submit your post on various Directory submission sites.

->You can also make a youtube video similar to your web content topic and tell your viewers to check out your new blog post.

Above are some Best Content promotion strategy that I am currently using to promote my Blog post.

Final Thoughts on “Seo Tips for Beginners Guide”.

Here my complete Guide on Seo tips for beginners is Finished.

I am reveled my all secret, that I am using to Rank No1 in Google for various keywords.

So now it’s Your Turn, how can you use these strategies to Rank on Google 1st page and Drive organic traffic to your blog.

Because in this Article I am already showing you the screenshot of my Keyword Ranking.

Believe me by following the above strategy I can able to gain 1st-page Ranking on Google.

Okay, let’s wind up what we learn from Seo tips for Beginners Guide…

Add your site to search Consol.

→Migrate your site to Https.

→Do keyword research for your blog.

→Write a well-optimized Article.

→Optimize your Blog page Title, Meta description, and Slug.

→Optimize your organic CTR.

→Improve Dwell Time and Bounce Rate.

→Do Internal & External Linking perfectly.

→Learn some basic strategy of Link building.

→Content promoting/Marketing.

So my last tip for you is “Try to follow my SEO TIPS FOR BEGINNERS GUIDE mindfully and patience fully then definitely you will start seeing results after 3 to 4 months.


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