How to choose a blogging niche for your new blog/website.

blogging niche

In the simple language, blogging niche means the topic of your blog or on your website.

Selecting a perfect blogging niche for your website/blog is one of the crucial and confusing work. Many of us who are fresh boggers or new to the blogging field end up writing one topic and then jump to another topic the next day.

For example:-

You write about the gadgets today, then you write about the health and fitness tomorrow, then you write about the earning tips in next weeks. This kind of blogging niche setup has its own difficulties. If you continue this type of blogging then you will end up as a loser and you will fail to attract people or traffic to your blog/website.

Tips for selecting a perfect blogging niche for your blog/website.

If you are reading this article right now then before selecting your blogging niche to give yourself a 10-second break and just think about one very important thing.

If your destination for the blogging is earning money then you don’t want to choose a topic as your blogging niche which gets tons of traffic, but get’s no money.

There are some blogging niche like:-

-free SMS blog.

-free wallpapers.

-free quotes.

-free WhatsApp/facebook status.

-free memes.

-free movie and song download.

This above blogging niche attracts tons of traffic every day but it won’t get you the money you deserve. At the main time do not choose any difficult subject/niche in which field you have no knowledge.

As an example- you have a website or blog having a blogging niche of financial advice and plans but you have low or probably no knowledge of these platforms, then you can’t run the blog or website for a long-term period because you are lack of knowledge about that blogging niche.

So guys what is a good blogging niche?

The 1st thing you have to ensure that the topic of your blog or website is closely related to each other.

An example:- My website Techbiz info, it is a website which contains the topic about business tips, earning tips, business case studies, digital marketing, blogging tips, etc and all these topics are closely related to the each other which is digital marketing.

So if your topics in different fields such as one topic of business tips and the other one from health and fitness then your decision might wrong.

According to me, a good blogging niche is always related to what you like most or what are you passionate about, it has also good traffic and also has a monetary value more important is your blogging niche should have a bright future.

Here are some important things you must ensure when picking up a niche.\

→Your passion or interest in your blogging niche.

→The monetary value of your blogging niche.

→Monthly or yearly traffic.

→Trends and hot topics.

Now let’s look at the ideas which will help you to get the perfect blogging niche.

→1st of all what are the topics you are passionate about, is that game? business tips, movie? finance?. Make a list of all that is interesting to you. Don’t worry about the topics you can contain 20 different topics.

→The 2nd important thing about your blogging niche is passion or money

As an example, you came to know that the technology niche brings more money but you have no idea about the technology and you started a technology blog and puts hours into writing contents about the technology. You can gain 30 visitors today but you can’t take this process for a long period as it is a long-term success.


→Competition and demand is another big thing you have to choose blogging which is more demanded and which have more competition. Means if you write the contents that you like and the content is more demanded then it will bring you more money.

→The blogging is a long-term project, you have to ensure that your blogging niche has a bright future and you are passionate about it.

→ Find a niche that you love more than anything else and must ensure that your blogging niche must help your visitors and you can get more traffics.

→So at last blogging is all about educating others with self-improvement. So if you want to start a blog or website you can do it for free for this read my article. How to start a free website or blog without codding.

So, guys, I hope you will gain some knowledge about the niche selection from this post and I think it would be helpful to you. Plz, guys replay your opinions in the comment below.