freelance writing jobs for beginners(17+Easy & High paying jobs for you){2018}

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freelance writing jobs for beginners.
freelance writing jobs for beginners.

Are you a passionate writer and want to start a successful career in freelance writing platform as a beginner.

Then you need to know some valuable things about freelance writing jobs for beginners if you want to be an expert in freelance writing.

Now if you are reading this article then I can guess you love writing.

But you know there is a heaven and hell difference between freelance writing and normal writing( Data entry).

Freelance writing is related to content writing.

Do you know what content writing is?

Now content writing is the writing which appears on the website/publication and magazines that was designed to sell any product/service or solve the problem of any user.

If you are familiar with SEOPage optimization and article editing and writing. Then you can easily capture the game of freelance writing.

If you are not, then don’t worry…

In this post, I will give you some valuable tactics and a complete step by step tutorial for freelance writing jobs for beginners. Which will help you to be an expert freelance writer?

But whether you are an expert or beginner to freelance.

There is one key to success.


Yes, it’s true if you write with your heart and skill then you will be successful.

Now let’s get to the topic.

If you are new to freelance then the first question which will hit your mind…

What is freelance writing??

Well if you didn’t know, then let me help you.

In the normal word, freelance writing means writing for money.

Yes, generally freelance writers find their clients and work for them then get paid.

Freelance writers do whatever their client needs but a successful freelance writer has a specific niche or he is specialized in a particular kind of writing.

Now let me ask you something

If you are a beginner in freelance writing and want to be a successful freelance writer then

What you gonna do??

Well the answer is simple

Follow the below rules to be a successful freelance writer.

First, we going to discuss what is freelance writing and what are the major advantages of freelance writing.

What is freelance writing?

What is freelance writing

Before going to discuss freelance writing jobs and opportunity first you have to know what actually the freelance writing is?

According to the ””- A freelance writer is a writer who works as an author of several publication [online/offline] company.

Freelance writing comes under the self-employed work category. So you have to work actively to earn money.

If you want to become a freelance writer then I am confirming you that you can able to earn money passively, you have to work actively like as a job.

Your writing style and content quality define ”How much you can earn”.

Some top-level freelance writer is charging more than 200$ to 300$ for a single post. So experience depends most.

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Benefits of becoming a freelance writer.

You know what are the benefits to become a freelance writer?

So, let’s discuss this topic…

The first and for most important things is you become your own boss!! You can work according to your time and comfort.

If you deliver well-optimized article consistently to your clients then they will pay you good money according to your Work.

By getting the good experience you can get a good project monthly from the various company also and you become a financially successful person.

Also, you can create your own freelance company or venture.

If you consistent with your work and also helping out people with your content and videos then you will become a famous person on the web.

So, become a freelance writer has many more benefits but it’s not a job for all, you have to work hard consistently then you can earn and get projects from clients.

So, now let us argue on ”freelance writing jobs for beginners” and how to get clients and make money.

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Tactics to be expert in freelance writing jobs for beginners.

freelance writing jobs for beginners

Before I tell you all the tactics one question for you.

Is freelance writing is a right career for you??

If you do this for money then guaranteed you will fail, because it should be done with heart, skill, patience, and professionalism.

Really it takes a lot of effort.

Also, you have to learn continuously about this topic and implement in your work.

And be patience always it takes some time to give you results.

Ok, let’s discuss step by step ”how to expert in freelance writing”.

Now, these are the steps you have to follow if you want to be an expert in freelance writing.

  1. Find a perfect freelance writing niche.
  2. Prepare some writing samples.
  3. Determine your charging price for your service.
  4. Find a profitable freelance writing jobs for beginners.
  5. Apply for the job. (creat better profile)
  6. Build your Network through social media.
  7. Create a better relationship with your client.
  8. Collects feedback from your clients.
  9. Make your support team.
  10. Be a successful freelance writer.

Without wasting time lets discuss every topic deeply so that you will get proper knowledge.

1)Find a perfect freelance writing niche:-

Do you know what a niche is??

Well, niche means a specified area. An area in which you are better than others or you are passionate and interest about that.

As an example, you passionate about health & fitness or you have good knowledge of health & fitness then you have to choose ”Health & fitness” niche.

There are many online writing jobs for every topic you can think of, but if you are a good researcher then you can write about anything.

But it’s better to write on a specific assignment than any random assignment.

Peoples often take the paying jobs in freelance without knowing if they can’t do it or not.

So my advice is don’t fall into that trap.

Take those jobs which are easier to understand, if you don’t know anything about something then it will take a lot of time in research which is the loss of time.


                                      WHICH YOU CAN NOT UNDERSTAND”.-warren buffet.


You can write about things you know better because it takes very little research by which you can finish your work quickly and can get paid.

For this above reason finding a niche is very important.

Now, how you can find your niche??

In freelance writing jobs for beginners, many writers who are new to industry didn’t know in which they are interested.

They took any job for money, which is wrong.

If you don’t have any specific area then choose the topics you are interested in.

The more you write about one thing, the more you will gain knowledge.

As when I was new to freelance I used to write about everything I got. But soon I realized that I am good at SEO, blogging and digital marketing related things and now I write about SEO optimization and blogging tips.

The main thing is you must love the topics you are writing about. If you spend your 90% of the time in writing about finance and you hate it then you can’t be successful.

Take your time to choose your niche.

Bonus tip:- Writing about one thing is very profitable and will give you more clients. The more you learn about one topic the more you will write about one topic which will give you more money and you will become a leader in one topic.

2)Prepare some sample of your writing:-

freelance niche

Well, all the clients want to see the quality of your writing and before they give you their projects.

As you are looking for freelance writing jobs for beginners you are new, So the client will want to see the sample.

So the easiest way to create your writing sample about your niche is to create a blog about the niche and give the link of your blog post to your client.

I will recommend creating a free blog or website with a specific niche

  ⇒ Create a free blog or website.

⇒How to choose a profitable blogging niche.

->4fun app: make unlimited Paytm cash.

The above links will help you…

If you don’t want to create a Blog/website then you can gust posting on other big brands and blogs and you can share that piece of article with your client.

In that way, you can create your free qualified writing sample.

Bonus tip:- It is not sure that every client will visit your blog to see the samples of your writing so you can post your writing samples on the quora, Forbes, forums,  etc. Clients often visit these platforms for writers they can hire you if they impressed by your samples.

3)Determine the price of your service:-


Determining the price for your service is one of the crucial things because if you charge too low then it will be difficult for you and if you charge too high then you will struggle to find a client.

Well, I can’t help you in fixing the price.

But I can give you a piece of advice.

There are some factors upon which the price of your service depends.

  1. Type of writing.
  2. Publication.
  3. Writing speed.
  4. Location of the client and yours. 

So I recommend you to charge the amount which makes you comfortable and also the client. But you have to charge a low amount first then you can raise it as you gain experience.

Before you set the price for your service to let’s talk about on which basis the price is determined.

  1. Hourly:- How many hours you work. 1hr=1$ to 2$
  2. Per project:- Rate per project. 1 project=5$ to 20$
  3. Per word:-  Rate per word. 1word=0.05$
  4. per piece:- Rate per piece. 1 piece=5$ to 20$.

If you are a beginner to the freelance writing then many clients negotiate the price of your service, in that time you have to agree with him because you are a beginner.

Once your writing skill is satisfied your clients then you can automatically get good high paying clients.

So start with low price and create your writing skill demands then you can succeed in this business.

4)Find a profitable freelance writing jobs for beginners:-

freelance jobs

Now here the main step comes up. How to find a profitable freelance writing jobs for beginners.

There are some freelance websites which provide these freelance writing jobs.

As a beginner when you are new to freelance you don’t get much big writing projects or jobs. At first, you only get small projects which can be done without any clients. So these type of jobs is not good for you.

You can share your writer profile on various facebook groups and Q&A forums and some other social media groups. There you can get decent clients.

Also, you can get lots of writing opportunity from a small publication website. Just search in google [”paid writing for blog + your topic”] now you will find various blog article.

Then just go to these sites and contact him by email and decide everything ”How you can write” and ”How much money you charge” also show your previous writing samples.

From that, you can get lots of clients for your writing business.

And also various freelancing website are available in the market, there you also get many clients for your business.

But you have to understand these freelancing jobs portal are competitive to get clients the first time.

So you have to wait for some time then you can get any clients.

Now I will tell you some of the websites which provide these jobs.


Freelancer is a freelance job platform which provides over 100 different jobs in different niches like writing, IT, photo editing, mortgage, financing etc. It is a better place to find freelance writing jobs for beginners if you have the skill and you know how to write then a freelancer site can help you to give your first job.

 2)  Upwork:

Upwork is also a good platform for offering freelance jobs to the beginners.

It is as same as the freelancer and it also provides the different type of freelance jobs.

But one of the main disadvantages of this platform is it pays a low amount of money.

4)    Pro Blogger:-

Pro blogger is also a good freelance writing platform for beginners to get their dream projects.

Its job board gets new projects every day. All the assignments are of higher quality and from reputed companies which are willing to pay reasonable money for your work.

 5) Blogging pro:-

Blogging Pro is also a good freelance platform but it didn’t get new writing projects every day like pro blogger.

But it will be good for the beginners to get some writing projects.

 6) Iwriter.

It is one of the best marketplaces to find freelance writing jobs for beginners.

Iwriter is one of the best-rated websites for getting good paying clients.

In Iwriter a rating system is available. If you are a beginner and you have low rating then you work as a Standard writer and after getting some good experience and rating you will be promoted to  Elite Plus writer then you can earn pretty much high paying works.

7) FlexJobs.

FlexJobs provides you various jobs category such as Entry level, Full time, Part time and executive level works.

The main goal of Flexjobs gives you good and quality clients and make your jobs career easier.

In the Flexjobs you can found all jobs listing with a screenshot and without any scam.

To get those jobs you have to get a subscription for (monthly/yearly) basis.

8) Constant Content.

It is one of the best content writing and sourcing site for beginners as well as an experienced person.

Just you have to list your profile as a freelance writer and also you have to choose some of your skill in a list/category.

After that, you have participated in a small quiz, if you pass then they approve your account.

Then eventually you will get lots of content writing opportunity.

This marketplace some clients offers you more than 100$ per single article.


By lots of expert recommendation ”Guru” is one of the famous and high rating freelancing job portal.

Guru claims they have above that 1.5 million freelancer users.

The no of people create trust in the market and there you can found various types of high paying clients all over the world.

10)Freelance writing jobs.

This freelance job portal is mostly for freelance writer and clients who need work.

In this site, clients post jobs and work opportunity Ads on daily basis.

You can find a variety of freelance gigs and category in this marketplace.

11) Indeed.

You may know it is one of the best job portals for any type of job profile.

Just go to this site and search ”writing jobs” and also choose your location/area.

Then you will get lots of new jobs in your location, then apply the jobs by your Cv and interest.

My recommendation is to take some experience in writing and improve your CV/Profile then apply for this jobs because in this type of job portal you get full-time jobs.


In this freelance marketplace, you can select your own hours for writing.

You can charge from clients on hour basis.

And you can found lots of clients on this site and they pay you money after completing the assignment.


You can start with Textbroker with one free account.

In this marketplace, you can get lots of target country writers and clients.

After creating an account on Textbroker you have to write a free sample for getting some rating and always try to write a good sample then you can get Good ratings.

If your profile contains lots of good rating then you will get lots of big and good paying projects.

14) Craigslist.

It is one of the best-classified ads sites for content writers and freelancer across the Glob.

In this job marketplace, many categories are available like writing, editing content etc.

If you looking for some best and quick writing jobs then take a look at that all jobs that are listed in this marketplace.


This freelancing job portal founded in 1998 for online writer/journalism.

It is one of the oldest and most trusted sites for both clients and job seeker. is used by some top news publishers company and magazines.

Getting projects, you have to create an account and upload a resume and also you have to subscribe to different category jobs.

In this site many categories are available like- Finacial, technical, Non-profits, Tv, Radio and digital media magazines.

16)Online Writing Jobs. is one of the good paying/high paying freelance writing jobs provide websites.

First, you have to register here to get clients for your business.

If you are Copywriter, editor or Blogger then you can make good revenue from this site.

For your client, you have to write a minimum 1500+ words high research article with some valuable points.

You will be paid around 15$ to 50$ per Article and that is pretty awesome for beginners.


If you love writing then I am sure you love site.

Here you can find hundreds of category freelance writing jobs.

And it is one of the well-rated marketplaces to find freelance writing jobs for beginners.

Per every copy, you will be paid around 20 to 25$.

These are some of the website or freelance marketplaces where clients are willing to buy your article and if you are a beginner then I am damn sure you will get your first job easily if you use my recommended websites.

Bonus:- If you have any Blog, Youtube channel or any social media group then you can advertise your talent there and I am sure you will get a job if your social media profile is Good follower based.

5)Apply for the job & create your profile better.

apply job

Now after finding your kind of job on the above websites you have to apply for the freelance writing jobs for beginners.

When you apply for the job you have to send an email to the client which should be done in the proper procedure.

The procedures are…

  1. Understand the job:- Means you must read the job description carefully. Also, read the important points and instruction of the contract that are mentioned by the client. By this process, you can understand what actually your client wants.
  2. Let the client know your ability:- Means you can mention your experience, qualifications, professionalism to impress the client.
  3. Know the client:- Knowing the client is very useful to know what kind of work actually he wants. You can do this by visiting his/her website, blog or any personal pieces of information.
  4. Put the links of your best article:-You can give the link of your best article sample in the e-mail by this process you can impress the client in a different way.

Also, you have to make your all social media pages better like a professional and there you can spreading awareness about your writing business.

In that way also you can get lots of clients for your writing work.

6)Build your network through social media.


I already discuss all the importance of social media for your business and your growth.

In my thought, social media is one of the best ways to attract or get clients for your business.

Just you have to build your network with some of your industry related people and keep active on social media groups.

If you have a Good network for your business then you can get lots of referral clients.

For good paying professional clients, you have to stay active on Linkedin and Twitter pages and also you have to follow some big brands and people.

You can get good reach through Facebook groups and messenger.

In that way, your networking will grow and your profession is getting lots of popularity.

7)Respond to the clients:-

I know you will be excited when you receive a reply to your application. But ensure that you can do the work of the client as he wants.

Generally, the first thing the client will want to know is the price so you must negotiate in a proper manner.

You can ask some questions to expect what kind of work your client wants. These manners will make your client happy and then you will get more offers.

8)Collects feedback.


Yes, collects feedback from your clients or company.

When you finishing your task/jobs of your clients then make sure to say him to give you a Good or positive feedback.

When you get lots of feedback from your clients then your resume will be stronger and you will get more clients for your business.

If you have collects some Good positive or 5star rating then your gigs starting rank on Search engine and eventually, you will get high paying clients.

So, make sure to collects some Feedback from your clients after work is done.

9)Make your support team.

team work

If you got some good long-term clients for your freelance writing business and you generate some decent amounts of revenue from your writing.

Then make sure to build a small group(2 or more members) of the client support team.

In freelancing your client is your first priority so make sure to build a team that helps your clients.

Also, your team helps you to build a strong relationship between with your clients.

By good relationship, a client or a business owner give you projects on the recurring basis.

A good team helps you to prepare projects on timely that’s why customer satisfaction is increased and definitely, you get more and more clients.

”A satisfied customers/clients is the

                                                              best business strategy of all;


Bonus:- Create a professional profile in freelance:-

Now, this is my additional point which will help you in creating a professional profile in freelance.

How can you do it??

The answer is simple

follow some rules and apply it.

  • Give your 100% in every work no matter how small it is. The work should be done with the proper procedure and will satisfy the client so that he will return to you in further time.
  •   Always give a descriptive detail about your self, you experience, your ability, your picture. These small factors will help the client to know your ability.
  • Another important rule keeps your clients happy by charging a reasonable price for your work. Charging high price may result in losing the clients.

I can tell you sure if you follow these steps then you can become a successful freelance writer one day.

All you have to do follow the rules and be dedicated to your work and be patient,


In this Guide, you are represented by some valuable tactics about freelance writing jobs for beginners which can help you in to become an expert in the freelance writing field.

Also, try to build your social media profile better and deliver good work to your clients then you will get some positive feedback.

But it based on your work and your dedication. If you do your work with all your effort & heart then you can create a successful career in freelance writing.

Always be unique with your writing because everyone can be writing content but not everyone can write content with creativity and uniqueness.

If you enjoy reading my detailed guide on Freelance writing jobs, then make sure to share with your friends.


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