How to create a free website/blog with blogspot.(no coding skill required)..

In this blog, I will give you step by step guide on how to create a free website/blog with Blogspot. By this method you don’t need any domain, hosting and coding skill required. By Blogspot, you can build a very simple looking website.

So let’s start with step by step guide on how to create a free website/ blog… 

How to create a free website/blog??

Step1:- first you have to log in with blogger Click to log in, sign-in with your Gmail id and password, If you don’t have any blogger account then sign-up at the top right corner. First, you need a Gmail account then you can sign-up for blogger and create a free website/blog.

blogspot login

Create your profile.

Complete your log-in process then one new screen is open. Then you have to create your Google+ account. When you completely create your Google+ account then save your profile and click on the button continue to blogger”…

blogger profile

Create a free website/blog.

Now your all settings are completely ready then, time to create a free website/blog. So now you have to click the option-“new blog button”…

Set your website/blog domain name.

In this step, you need to give your blog/website domain name. Then give your website URL address.

 for example= if you want to create a website about NEWS then you have to give your website address like “” and your website title can be BEST NEWS(like that you have to create your website URL and title.

If you want to create a free website/blog then your website domain name like this- Here the blogspot is free domain or subdomain and that is free of cost.

when you set the name and URL address then one ”blue tick” appears at the right side of the address. If your address right corner bar show red tick” then you have to change that URL address and give a new URL address.

choose domain in blogger

once above process is done then choose any template that is shown on your page( don’t worry you can easily change your template at any time). Then click on ‘create a blog’…

Start your blogging/writing.

When you completing the above 4-steps then you can successfully create your free website. Now you can write the article by click on ”New post”. Now you can easily post on your website according to your category. When you completing write a post then your post is visible ”worldwide”…

post blog on blogspot

Visit your website.

Type your website URL address” in your web browser and press ”enter”. Then your website is open, that you create. In the initial stage, your website does not look as good. When you write some good looking sufficient contents and set perfect template”. Then your website looks professional.

I think you can create your own free website/blog after step by step guide. if you love these contents then you can subscribe us and for any query, you can comment us below..thank you…

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