How to earn money online with Google{9 Really easy Ways}2019

Most of us are well-known about the internet earnings or how you can make money from the internet or online and I can guess that you also heard of Earn money online with Google the search engine giant.

All of us are well-known about search engines.

What is your favorite search engine???

Is it Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Let me know the answer in the comment box below.

Now from the above search engines, Google is the one which provides maximum facilities to earn money from it in different types of platforms which are owned by Google.

No No No!!!!

I am not only talking about earning money using Google Adsense or Admob.

Because most us are already aware of.

And I know you are bored with this same rubbish process to make Google earnings

You know there are several unique ways by which you can earn money online with Google at home.

Just you have to develop some soft skill on the internet then really you can make good profits from it.

If you want to learn some internet marketing skill then confidently search on google and try to learn on a daily basis.

But here we discuss various opportunity to earn money online with Google.

So let’s start with step by step process.


Some of the unique ways you can earn money online with Google


earn money online with google 2
earn money online with google 2

Before getting into the post…

You know Google is an unending search engine company means which will not down in the near future so you can blindly trust it.

It has some earning ways in which 99% of people or google users don’t know about it.

And you are now in the category of 1%.

So let’s start with Search engine evaluator

♦  Make money as a Search engine evaluator at Google:-


Search engine evaluator is a professional work and for doing that work you need some knowledge about how the search engine works and how search engine analyzes SERP position.

It’s a full-time professional job that you can start at home.

YES, you can work for Google from home and can get paid by being a search engine evaluator or verifier.

So how you can do it?

Let me help you.

You know Google uses its algorithm to verify the search results of the users. But there is a limitation that the results were an error. Which needs a human being to refine the results.

From here you can make money from Google as an evaluator.

If you don’t know who is an evaluator.

Then an evaluator is a person who evaluates search engine results to determine that they are relevant for users or not.

So what is relevancy of page???

Well, the answer is simple. Actually, relevance is an SEO term.

The relevancy of the website’s page is particularly important for the search engine as it decides how high a page will appear in the search engine for a particular given search term or Keyword.

So as a search engine evaluator, it’s your job to determine the relevancy of the pages for a specific search term.

So now the question is how much you can get paid??

I think the salary consideration is pretty amazing as you can be paid 13-15$ per hour.

fabulous is not it.

To get hired as a search engine evaluator by Google. You have to analyze a lot of study materials and also you have confidence about Seo, then you can get hired by passing the test provided by Google.

Actually, you can do this as a full-time job because I know a lot of Indians are paid 30,000rs(500$ all most) per month which is pretty good.

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♦ Make money from ”Google play” by building and publishing a mobile application:-


Social apps

Now, this topic will help the app developers to earn money online with Google

whether you are an expert or beginner.

You know the Google app engine is a heaven for the young application developers.

Now, what is the Google app engine??

Let me explain you in short. The Google app engine is a platform for Google that provides facility to develop your own apps.

It is generally required that the app must be written in the computer language JAVA, Python.

So if you want to develop your own app then you have to pay for the facilities provided by Google to publish your application.

It is one of a great way to earn money online with Google. As it requires a small amount of investment and a bowl of knowledge with some soft skill and interest.

If you are not interested in earning from google and you have teaching skills then you must read-How to earn more money from Udemy than youtube.

So how much you can earn from publishing an app in Google??

Your revenue from the app generally depends on the number of installs and active users who are using your app in the meantime.

The research says that an app developer can earn up to 3$ for every 1000 active users who are using your app.

Learn how to build an app without coding and programming super easy. A content was written by the

Now there is an update that Google does not keep any part of your revenue that you have earned from publishing your app.

Because due to your app Google can improve its APP market.

If you provide more quality app then it will improve the App ecosystem of Google.

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♦ Make money from Google by selling books:-

sell books

Are you a passionate book writer who loves to write books??

If your answer is ”YES”

Then you can easily earn money online with Google by selling your e-books to its play store.

Google has a book selling programme which is an amazing platform for book lovers and writers to generate revenue from it.

The Google accepts the books in the PDF format and e-pub formats. If you upload the book in both the format then the reader has to choose the better.

Did you know how to create and sell a profitable e-book which will give you 1000 of dollars??

Read this article- how to create and sell E-book.

Now, how you can make money from Google by selling these e-books??

→, First of all, you have to create a perfect e-book.

→Then you can manage your e-books and set the settings in the Google playbooks partner center.

→Specify the country you want to sell your books in.

→Set the profitable and reasonable price for your e-book.

You can get paid by Google for the downloads for your books.

Love to write but not interested in selling books??

Then you must read how to earn money as a freelance writer. Believe me, you can make 1000 of dollars from freelance writings.

Top Recommended Affiliate Marketing Ebook to Earn 10000$ Per month.

♦Earn Money from Google Adwords.

Earn money from Adwords

Do you know about One of the Big services of Google?

It is Google Adword.

Adword is also known as pay per click advertising program.

Google Adwords is an online Advertising program that helps you to advertise your business on the search engine.

So, Here is one opportunity came out to make some decent money from Search Advertising.

Ok, let’s discuss How?

First of all, I am advising you to Build a Good looking professional website.

After creating one website decide one topic, means on which area your website topic is going to be.[Always choose a topic which is on demand and there have medium or low competition]

In my recommendation Weight loss, Make money online, fashion and foods related topic are in good demand.

So you can choose any one topic from above.

Then go for any best Affiliate network and sign-up for it and choose some high demanding products.

Now you have to write some article about your affiliate products and also add your Affiliate link there.

After finishing some of the basic and important setups, now come up to the Advertising and product promoting part.

Go to Google Adwords and creating a free Advertising Account on it. (Apply for the 2000rs coupon code)

Then start Advertising your website by targetting some profitable longtail keywords. Ok!!

In that way, you can get lots of quality and targeted leads to your affiliate products.

If someone comes to your site and buy your products then you will get a commission for that.

In that way, you can generate unlimited profits with the help of Google Adwords.

But remember one thing your earning potential depends upon your Advertising running skill.

Alright with help of the above ways you can able to make money from Google.

Check it->A Complete Guide to make money from Google Adwords.

♦ Earn money online with Google by Google user experience research:-

user experince

You know not many people know about this program of Google. And you can really earn money online with google with the help of this program.

You have to fill out the surveys of your profile carefully and then you will receive the survey according to the match of your profile

You know Google pays a decent amount of 75$ for per survey.

First of all, you have to sign-up the Google user experience research program then they will send you a number of questions with the help of which they will know about your particular studies on specific platforms.

The more you provide your information the better will the research team understands you.

Then they will give you some questions on particular platforms which may be about time, location, period anything.

You can do this job at your home, at the Google office or at home online with your tablet, mobile, laptop etc.

After all this work you will provide a payment near about 75$ per hour work.

You can get a step to step guide to Google user’s experience by visiting its official site.

In the above topic, I already told you such 4 unique ways to earn money online with Google.

Now, what about an interesting way to free all your favorite games, books, apps, movies by answering the questions.

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♦ Make money from Google using Google opinion reward app:-


Google will help you to earn some money in exchange for answering some quick survey because it is not that much long like a boring survey.

You have to use the Google opinion reward app for android.

The app will ask you some simple and quick survey questions and you have answered these questions then Google will give you play credits.

As I mentioned above that you can’t earn money online with Google by using this app but you can do more profitable than that.

With the help of the Google play credits, you can download your dream paid games and movies for free in exchange for the Google play credits.

Now, how you can do it??

The process is simple you have to go to the play store and then download it from the link I already provided.

After downloading the app you are asked a couple of questions which will be based on your general knowledge. These questions will take a minute to answer.

The survey includes everything from product review to the location review. You have to remember that the survey will expire after a lapse of time.

So you can enable the notifications to notify about the survey.

You can be paid up to 1$ of google play credits and can unlock the paid apps and games.

♦Earn money from Adsense & Admob.

Adsense admob

I am sure you may hear about Make money from Adsense and Admob.

It is one of the easy and trusted ways to make money online.

So how you can earn money from Adsense & Admob?

Let’s see…

Adsense & Admob is an online Advertisement platform to make money.

So that you have to create one online platform for making money from Ads.

Online platform means Website/ Blog, Application or Youtube Channel. (Anyone platform is needed)

If you create Blog or Youtube Channel then you can easily monetize your site by placing Ad code of Google Adsense.

But first, you need to approve for Google Adsense then you can able to use Adsense Ad code on your Website or Youtube channel.

Or if you create any Mobile Application then you can monetize your app by using Admob Ads.

When someone clicks on your display Ads at that time you can get Revenue to your Google Account.

You will get revenue according to CPC(cost per click) & Impression based.

Your total Earning depends upon How much Unique visitors you get Every single day to your Blog or Youtube channel.

So follow the Above procedure to make money from Google Ads.

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♦Earn money from Youtube with sponsorship:-


As we all know Youtube is the franchise of Google and we also know that people are making money from it.

But you know how all YouTubers are earning money.

Most of the youtube channel earn money by using google advertisement.

But by the only advertisement, you can’t be able to earn much more money that you deserve.

Yes, that’s the real truth, most of the youtube channel can’t make sufficient money from his channel.

So, the solution is Brand promotion/sponsorship.

Yes, you can promote lots of brands products and service according to your youtube channel niche.

I am sure that is more beneficial than google advertising.

So lets some discussion on ”youtube sponsorship”.

Youtube sponsorship is the easiest way to monetize your channel by promoting products and services of a sponsored company.

You can charge money according to your audience viewership and subscribers.

Many types of sponsorship are available like-Paid sponsorship, Affiliate sponsorship, and product sponsorship.

It’s a popular and most used sponsorship idea, by this method you have to create a video about your sponsored products and influence people to buy that.

In the affiliate sponsorships, you have to create a video about any product and advice your viewer to buy them from your link.

By the product sponsorship also you have to create a review video about your sponsored company products and that company giving you that product for free. This type of sponsorship is not much very popular but if you have a small channel then you can get profits from it.

Now how to get good sponsorships from the company?

If you want good budget sponsorship then try to deliver better content to your user and build trust then big brands easily gives you better money.

Also, you can go for famebit, it’s a platform that gives youtube sponsorship.

If you want affiliate sponsorship then go for Bangoods or Amazon affiliate program. These programs also give you a good commission after the sell.

If you want to know more descriptively about youtube sponsorship then check it- YOUTUBE SPONSORSHIP GUIDE.

In that way, you can easily improve your youtube earning.

♦Earn money by publishing news on Google.

news publishers.

You know Google news is a very big news reading platform, more than 400 million international visitors come to read news on monthly basis.

That’s a good opportunity to earn money online with Google as a news publisher.

So, how to earn money as News publishers?

Ok! (let me help you)…

First things you have to create a website,(click here to read how to create a free website).

After creating a free website try to add 4 to 5 trending news in daily basic.

Then submit your website on→Google news publishers.

Now you have to publish news on daily basis and try to add some trending news, that gives you more website visitor.

After some days apply for Google Adsense and paste Ad code on your news website, then your website shows advertise to your reader.

If you have good visitors per day then you can earn a sufficient amount of passive income from your news website.

So, try this idea to earn money online. Tha’t a proven way of earning passive income.

If you want to know more about how to earn money as a Google news publishers then->(click here to know).

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World’s Top Selling Ebook on->HOW TO MAKE MONEY WHILE YOU SLEEP

Final word.

So guys here our complete guide on How to earn money from Google is finished…

So let’s warm up some important words that we discuss above.

Google search engine is the only search engine in the world which gives you lots of opportunities to make money online from it.

Those opportunities are:-

->Search Engine Evaluators.

->Publishing Mobile apps.

->Selling Ebooks.

->Earn money From Adwords.

->Make money from Google Opinion Rewards.

->Google User Experience Research.

->Paid Sponsorship.

->Google Adsense & Admob.

->Google News Publisher.

But all the works I mentioned above need a little experience, some soft skill, dedication, and patience.

First of all, learn some skill and knowledge from Google and develop your working power and skill.

You may think why I am not discussing only earning from Google Adsense. The reason is simple, are many people share that tricks lots of time on the web.

So that I mentioned 9 unique and most powerful ways to earn money online with google.

I hope this article is helpful and fulfills your Demands on How to Earn Money online with Google.

Thank you…(If you think this content is valuable for someone then share it on Social media).

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