How to Earn money online in INDIA[21 Easy & Practical ways]2019

earn money online in india

Nowadays Earn money online is one of the trendings topics in India.

After internet penetration, everyone wants to earn money online in India without any investment.

2years later I am also one of them.

At that time I am trying nearly 5 to 10 jobs but those jobs are not fulfilling me any requirement and another way I can say those jobs are just a waste of time.

But you know, those jobs give me a good lesson…

And You know what is it?

Easy & Quickest ways to earn money is equal to scams

Believe me or not that’s the truth…

If you genuinely want to earn some Handsome money online on a long-term basis then you have to invest your time to learn some new skill.

Because in the competitive edge Learning some new skill is very important for making money online.

If you are ready to invest your Money and time on proper skill development then you are welcome in the Online industry.

With the learning, you also need some patience to see the result.

Because when you going to work online or build some assets online then definitely you have to wait at least 6 months to 12 months or even more to see the positive results.

In the online field, there are plenty of ways to make money online but most of them are totally Fake or Scams.

I know, in online many data Entry & Ad clicking jobs are available, but believe me, 99.9% of them are totally fake.

They only want to collect money & information from the joining members and that’s it…

There are no data entry jobs actually they are making you Fool!!

But here I am going to you tell some Genuine and practical way to Earn money online in India.

In this complete Guide, I describe how exactly you can Make money online without any investment or a very small investment…

So without any Ado let’s get started…

Basic Requirement to Earn money Online.

For making money online there are some basic requirement things are needed.

Such as,

    * Laptop/Desktop.

    *Proper Internet Connection.

    *Some small Investment around 50$.

Above are some Requirement to Make money online.

So now here we going to discuss Best 21 Practical Ways to Make money online in India.

21 Proven & Practical Ways to Make money online


1]Become a Writer.

be a writer

I never thought I will ever become a Freelance writer/Blogger.

Now writing an article is one of my favorite work when I have free time.

I already Earn Money online from my writing skill…

Not I am only there are lots of people earn a full-time income from his Writing skill only.

If you love writing then you can also earn decent online income on a regular basis From your writing skill.

Because in India there is very less amount of people who are Grate writer or Author.

And Believe me, Many corporates are searching for good Copywriters for their Blogs growth.

You know, What is Amazing in writing?

A good reputation Writer can Charge Between 100$ to 400$ per One article.

Just think How much potential in that job.

So Grab this opportunity and Develop your English Copywriting skill by reading Blogs and watching Youtube videos.

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2]Make Money From Facebook.

earn money from facebook

Facebook is a Great way to earn money online without any single investment. 

Lots of Big brands and Celebrity earn Thousands of Dollars from there facebook page.

You can also earn money through facebook…

Just you have to choose a topic and creating a Facebook page on it.

After that, you have to create some attractive and viral stuff that people love to see & Share.

In that way, you can create a Good relationship and engagement with your industry people and also make money by promoting other company websites, Apps and products.

Or you can also sell your Facebook page for money or sell your own products and services on your page.

Really you can try Every Monetization Opportunity and Now Facebook also pay if you creat and Publish Video content.

It totally depends upon you in which way you want to earn money from Facebook. 

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3]Become a Freelancer.


If you are good at programming/development, Designing/animation, Digital Marketing, Business copywriting or Business consulting.

Then you can get lots of working opportunity on various freelance sites.

For starting in freelancing, just you have to register on a freelance website.

After Register on Freelance site, you have to make your profile looking professional and also you have to mention your Expertise on any Area.

Thereafter you have to create your gigs better by that’s why your Gigs starting Rank on the search engine.

So try to market your Freelance Business profile more that’s why your service is visible to potential Clients or Company.

In that way, you can get good paying clients for your Freelance business.

In freelancing always try to build a Good relationship with your clients and also try to serve them better service.

If you Build Good Relation and satisfied your Clients with proper service then they definitely give you another project.

By that way, you can really earn sufficient income for you.

You know in India lots of people quit their jobs and doing Freelancing for a permanent income source.

So in freelancing there is a Good opportunity to Earn money online in India without any investment.



You know in the internet world Blogging is a Grate career option who want to make money online.

In India, many people are doing blogging and earn thousands of Dollars per month and even some people create a million Dollar industry through Blogging.

Harsh Agrawal, Amit Agrawal, Amit Bhawani and many more creat million dollars Business through Blogging.

Also, you can start Blogging and earn money from it.

For starting a blog you have to decide on which platform do you want to create your blog.

There are two platforms one is free and another one is Paid.

For creating free Blog you can use or and for creating Professional looking Blog you can use

After choosing a Platform you have to choose your Blog niche means on which topic you want to do Blogging.

That After you have to write some awesome SEO optimized and informative article on your Blog/website.

After getting some decent traffic you can Apply for Google Adsense or any Affiliate program to monetize your Blog.

In that way, you can earn money online in India from your Blog.


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5]Earning Apps.

earn from apps

In India, every Week lots of Earning apps are Released.

If you find out some good paying Earning apps then really you can earn a decent amount of money online.

Making money from apps is not too easy because lots of Fake apps are available on Play store those Apps are not paying money to his User.

So always remember before downloading any money making apps check out his review, ratings from some trusted websites.

If you finding some Best earning apps that pay you Real money then definitely you will able to earn around 200$ per month.

So try this method to earn money online in India.

6]Affiliate Marketing.


You know, for some people now Affiliate Marketing is the money-making machine.

Believe me, they are Earns in Million.

Affiliate Marketing is the source of Passive Income.

You can make a commission even if you are sleeping or doing anything.

Also, you can start affiliate marketing and make a passive income.

For starting affiliate Marketing you need a Platform such as-Blog, Youtube channel or any Social media Page.

But a blog is the best way to do affiliate marketing and getting seals.

You can start a blog on any topic and do promoting affiliate product links with your blog article.

Try to write good problem solving and informative articles for your Audience.

With your article promote some affiliate products similar to your Blog Topic.

If someone purchases something from your affiliate links then you will get a commission.

In that way, you can do Affiliate marketing and making sufficient income online.

Top Recommended Affiliate Marketing Ebook to earn 100000$ per month.

7]Be an online Gamer.

online gamer

It is one of the best and Easy ways to Earn money online in India.

In India, you can see many gamers are playing the game live and uploaded into youtube and Facebook.

You can also do as a gamer.

Just you have to start a channel on Youtube and page on Facebook.

After that, you have to play some games on your Mobile or Pc and then you have to upload it on your Youtube channel & Facebook Page.

Then after you can monetize your Videos through Google Adsense Ad and Facebook Ad break.

Also, you can earn money by promoting other brands and Affiliate products.

In that way, you can earn a very decent amount of earning as a Gamer.

8]Become a Domain Treader.

domain trader

Today’s world is a world of Technology and the Internet.

Every Individual & Businessman wants to promote their product/service online.

For promoting business online Website is a must needed thing.

So here how can you take the opportunity?

Just you have to invest some money in buying Domain names According to some Famous business organization name…  

Also, you can Buy Domain names according to some famous celebrity or sports players Name.

Or you can Buy domain names Accordant to any Upcoming Events or Geographical location.

Always Buy Domain name with the extension of  .com, .co, .uk, .us, .org, .net, .in etc…

After Buying some Domain you have to choose some fixed price of that particular Domain.

If that particular Domain name is required to any business owner or any person then they definitely buy from you.

You know domain was sold in 350 crores($49 million) and also many more domains were already sold at very high price.

OMG!! It’s really high…$49 million by just a second.

So, what are you thinking?

Start it now.

But before starting this Business research about it…Because it is one of the high gaining and high losing Business.


9]MLM(Multi-level Marketing)

mlm marketing

It is one of my personal favorite and high recommending Online Business.

Through that Business, I was already earned lots of money on my student Edge.

By joining a multi-level marketing company you can both learn & earn…

Personality development and marketing & selling strategy you can learn from here.

If you really working with honesty then you can get success with that Business.

Before joining any MLM company, the First thing is you need to check the status and products of that particular Company.

After joining the company try to interact with your senior and get knowledge from them.

Believe me, if you work consistently for some years then you can earn more than a High professional Doctor and Engineer.

It is one of the profitable online & Offline business and also you can able to earn money online in India from that business.

10]Online Consultancy/Training.

If you have some Good skill on any particular subject and you can communicate well about that subject, then Online Consultancy/training work is best for you.

Some of the most demanding consultancy & Training Services are Spoken English, computer training, Software/Hardware, Stock investment & trading, Marketing/Digital Marketing, Business management & Developing training and fitness training etc…

Above is some most demanding Consultancy/training.

Just find your one expertise subject and try to promote your skill on the Internet.

You can promote your Consulting & Training skill through any Social media page, Blog/Website or you can Join in any Freelancing sites.

On that way, you can get potential clients for your Consulting/Training Business and earn money online in India.

You can Easily charge 20$ to 200$ per hour as a consultant.

Just you need some good expertise on any particular Subject.

11]Selling old products.

sell old products

You know in India 2nd hand Goods market is much bigger than New products Market.

Being an Indian that’s one of the biggest opportunity For us to earn money online in India.


I am personally Earning lots of money through these methods.

First of all, you have to create an Account on OLX & Quicker.

After that, you have to choose some 2nd hand products from Olx & Quicker.

Then after selecting Goods, you have to contact the Particular Products owner and decide the price of that product.

Now you have to remarket that particular product on high price through OLX, QUICKER, and Facebook by creating some free Ads.

Then try to attract some buyers for that product.

If you get any buyer then simply sold that particular product on High price(more than Deciding price).

In that way, you can generate commission by selling other people products.

You can also sell Land, Houses, Cars, and Motorcycle

Generally, you will get more Commission by selling those things.

If you treat this Selling Business seriously then, believe me, you will able to earn permanent income source.

12]Earn from PTC sites.

ptc sites

If you only want to earn some small pocket money online then PTC sites are best.

By using some PTC sites you can able to earn around 100$ or 200$ per month.

On those PTC sites, you have to just watch and click there Advertise.

You will be paid by viewing every single Ad.

There are lots of PTC websites are available on the internet.

Just you have to register on those sites and start doing your work and definitely, you will get paid.

Click here to check some Best PTC websites.

13]Language Translating.

languaage translate

If you know some country language other than English then you will able to earn some Bucks online.

In online, there are lots of websites that provide Language translation works.

Just you have to transfer one language to another Language without any Mistake.

Some of the most demanding Translating languages are Spanish, French, Arab, German etc…

If you know those above languages then believe me you can earn lots of money through some Freelance websites.

Some of the Best freelancing sites those are provided language translation work ->,, and etc.

You know it is one of the High demanding online jobs because it takes lots of time to did the Language translation.

If you are a Language translator professional then you will able to earn 10rs to 25rs per single word.

14]Social Media Manager.

social media manager

In the online world, every single person and business are using the Social media channel to grow their networks/Brand Awareness.

Even lots of Big businessman and Celebrity are using Social Media pages to interact with there Audience & Clients.

You know they have not much time to handle their Business pages and Interact with people on a consistent basis.

So here is the opportunity for you to make some decent income or even full-time income online by managing and promoting there Social media pages.

Just you need some skill on Social media Advertising & Content creation and also you need to be very consistent with your work.

Then you will able to promote their Business page.

Just Assume if you will get more than 10 or 15 clients per month then You can start your own Social media Agency also.

You will get paid minimum 150$ to maximum 1000$ or even more by handling just one Social media Page.

In my recommendation, it is one of the best Business you can do it to earn money online in India.

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youtube as a career

Now It is one of the biggest Trends in India.

After Internet penetration, lots of people are started their own Youtube channel and now they are Earning more than MNC company Employees.

So that Youtube is one of the best career options in India.

You know, through Youtube many people are getting lots of popularity on the Internet and they become celebrity also.

If you want to start a Youtube channel then, first of all, you need to decide your niche and after that, you have to put valuable videos on a consistent basis.

Because Content is the KING!!

If you produce valuable Video content for your Viewers then also your subscriber’s list will increase.

Also, you can able to earn money through Google Ads, Brand Sponsorship and Affiliate marketing.

Your Earning totally depends upon how much views you got every month.

In youtube, there is a good career option for you.

16]Sell photos Online.


In the world of the smartphone taking a good & quality picture is so easy.

If you are a passionate Photographer, then you can able to earn some healthy income by selling photographs online.

Just you need a standard quality smartphone.

You can take some high-quality photographs of People, Nature, Houses, Flowers, Places, and things.

After that, you can easily sell those original photographs online by using some sites like-Istockphoto, Shutterstock and Fotolia etc…

If some customer interested in buying your photo then you will get paid according to your fixed rate.

It’s really an Easy & simple way to Earn money online in India.

17]Stock & Forex Trading.

stock trader

Stock & Forex trading is really an amazing way to Earn money online in India but it needs some couple of investment & Knowledge.

If you have not such ideas on Forex & Stock market then you can get knowledge through some online Courses.

I am suggesting you get enough knowledge on the Stock market first because it’s really a very risky game without any sufficient Knowledge.

Also, read some newspaper or online magazine on a daily basis to keep updated with the Stock Market.

After getting some sufficient knowledge you can able to start your Stock & forex trading career.

You know by that way lots of people become millionaire & billionaire.

Just you need some Good experience in market research.

Worlds Best Selling Ebook On “HOW TO MAKE MONEY WHILE YOU SLEEP”

18]Become Online Seller.

online seller

It is one of the proven ways to make money online in India.

You know in India E-commerce market is emerging day by day.

Many people in India make money online by selling various products online through Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay.

And you can also do it.

Just you have to register as a seller on any E-commerce platform and start selling your products online.

After getting any order, You need to just deliver that product to Amazon delivery portal and they will deliver your products to the customers.

In that way, you will earn money online as a Seller.

You know lots of people in the world quite there jobs and now make decent online income and leave boss free life.

For becoming a Successful seller online you need to learn some marketing & selling strategy.



19]Website Selling.

website selling

Like domain Trading, there is another way to make money online by selling a complete website.

Yes, you can earn 10x more Return on Investment by selling a 6months or 1-year website.

By that same process, many webmasters are earning a really good income.

Your website valuation Depends upon how much quality content you wrote, how much domain & page Authority you gain and Your website overall traffic.

You can sell your website on Flippa, Empire flippers etc.

So try to build a Good authority site and promote it on various social media platform and gain some daily visitors, then really you can make 10x or 20x more return.

20]Developing Mobile Apps & Websites.

website & app development

In the Internet Edge Application & Website development is a very demanding Business.

If you have good knowledge of Computer programming & Designing then you can Earn thousands of Dollar online.

You can promote your work through any social media pages or Joining as a freelancer on any website.

If you get more than 40 to 50 clients per month then you can start your own App & Website development agency.

It’s really a very demanding business, if you have good skill in development then you can make a career in that field.

21]Become an Insurance Agent.


It is one type of recurring commission based business.

Just you have to join a company as an Agent and sell their insurance through online medium.

You can promote your Insurance policy through social media Advertising or Content Marketing.

It’s really a good and profitable business opportunity so you can do it full time.

Let’s Summarize ”Earn money online in India”.

Here our Guide on ”How to Earn money online in India” is complete.

Ok, come here…

Now we wind up all the Online Earning Ideas…

->Become a Writer/publisher.

->Make money from Facebook/Instagram.

->Be a Freelancer.

->Affiliate Marketer.


->Earn money from Apps.

->Earn from PTC sites.

->Online Gamer.

->Become Domain Trader.

->Online Consulting/Teaching.

->MLM marketing.

->Social Media Manager.

->Language Translator.


->Sell photos online.

->Stock & Forex trader.

->Website Selling.

->Apps & Website Developer.

->Online Insurance Seller.

Here we briefly discuss 21 brilliant & tasted ways to Earn money online in India.

If you look deeply there are lots of online earning ways are available on the Internet but after some research, I am Finding out Above ways that are Really practical & proven.

From the above online Earning option, I already tried Blogging, Freelance Writing, MLM, PTC sites, APPS and selling old Products online.

So here I am recommending you to choose some earning option that is Comfortable for you in the Long run.

Also, always follow your passion & Work with your dedication, then you can able to get success.

Best Of Luck For your Online Career.

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