Domainracer review 2019: Start your Website at only 8$ per year.

If you want to start a new Blog/website on self-hosted WordPress platform in the competitive space then you need to choose a Best WordPress hosting provider for you.

By choosing Best Reliable hosting your site SPEED & Technical SEO will improve and also you get minimum downtime.

We all love quick loading website and also Google.

So that the Reason for choosing a Good reliable web hosting is really very Important.

You know there are lots of quality & Trusted web hosting company out there but they provide hosting services at a very high cost.

Due to High-cost, many beginners can’t able to Afford their Services.

So that in this Article I am Going to Review on one of my Personal favorites Domain & Hosting Provider.

In terms of quality and Low price, there is one hosting company out there in my eye “Domainracer”.

So this Article is Based on “Domainracer review”.

Here I am going to Give you a detailed understanding of –

*Why You Need to Choose quality web Hosting.

*How to Choose Best Web Hosting.

*Pros & Cons of Domainracer.

*Price Comparison.

*Speed Test Report of Domainracer

*What people say about Domainracer.

*Domainracer 60% Discount Link for our Reader.

*Final Thoughts on Domainracer review.

So let’s Discuss deeply on those above Topics, by that you can able to choose Best Web hosting for your Blog.


Domainracer Review 2019:{Why you need to Choose}

1)Why You Need to Choose Quality Web Hosting.

There are lots of Technical & General Reason to Choose a quality web hosting for your website.

And also as a Blogger, you need to keep eye on your website Loading Time, User Experience and Search Engine Optimization process.

Those above 3 terms are Really very Important for getting Success in Blogging Industry.


As a blogger, you always dream to Rank your web pages on the 1st page of Google search and you did lots of Hard work for it but you can’t able to Rank on the 1st page.

The reason may be your website speed is very poor.

Because in 2019 website Speed is one of the Important Ranking factors.

To getting Good speed you need to choose a better and Reliable hosting for your online Business.


Nowadays Security is the no1 priority for all because of every single day lots of websites are hacked.

So you need to Check your Web Hosting provides some important security features like SSL CERTIFICATE & SPAM PROTECTOR.

*Data Backup.

Weekly or Daily data backup is really very important if you are running an online business.

So you need to check first your web hosting company provide you necessary data backups or not.

*Down Time.

It is one of the Important consideration points when you going to choose a web hosting service.

You need to check, that provider gives you as low Downtime because if your hosting provider Down Time is High then lots of people bouncing back from your site.

If user Bouncing back then your website user experience will be affected.


2)How to Choose Best Web Hosting.

When you going choosing a Web Hosting for your online Business then you need to consider on Some Important things like.

1)DiskSpace & Bandwidth of your Hosting.

It is one of the Important factors that you have to Look on when you choosing a web hosting.

DiskSpace or Bandwidth required for storing your website files & data so you need to choose it According to your website visitors.

If your hosting Bandwidth is 10gb then your site can handle up to 2000 or 3000 visitors per month.

More than 20gb Bandwidth handle up to 6000 to 8000 visitors per month.

So choose Bandwidth according to your Website visitors and choose Diskspace According to your Using.

2)Which type of Web Hosting you can choose.

Normally Web Hosting company provides 3 types of hosting services.

1)Shared Hosting.

2)VPS Hosting.

3)Reseller Hosting.

If your website getting Nominal traffic( 1000 to 10000 per month then you can choose Shared Hosting.

Or if your site getting more than 10000 visitors per month and also you want lite speed technology then you can choose VPS HOSTING.

Because it’s storage space is Too high and your site can Run smoothly on that package.

3)Price of Your Hosting.

Price is really very Important when you Going to buy any web hosting service for your online Business.

So my suggestion is to consider price & quality when you going to buy any web hosting because the quality is must be your NO1 priority I already tell you.

Then my suggestion is to buy web hosting at least for 2 to 4 years, because if you only buy for 1year then the Hosting provider Increase your Renewal price.

Also, you get more discount, if you Buy the Hosting for more than 2years.

4)Customer Support.

Well, Customer support is Really very crucial when you facing the problem with Hosting service.

So when you going choose any web hosting then you need to look up your hosting provider must be provided 24*7 support through the Live chat, Ticket support, Email or phone call.

In the above paragraph we discuss why & how to choose best web hosting for your online business and you know the Good news is Domainracer have all the features that we discussing on the above.

Now we discuss on Domainracer review and his different Pros & Cons.


Domainracer Pros & Cons.

On the above, I already show you all the Important features that Domainracer provide you.

So According to the current Market Domainracer is one of the cheap & Reliable web hosting provider for everyone all over the world.

Domainracer pros & cons


→Litespeed Technology.

When it comes to Google SERP ranking or Search engine optimization, Speed Plays a Vital Role.

So that the reason Domainracer provide Litespeed technology to his Hosting service user.

According to a Report of Domainracer, 96% of website owner getting Good speed and have no complaint about the Hosting speed.

Now you may know Domainracer is best in terms of speed & Quality.

→99% Uptime.

Domainracer provides you 99% Uptime Guarantee means most of the time your site running smoothly without any error.

But some time Error will happen for just 1 to 2min. (Maintenance Downtime)

→Cheaper Price.

Yes, they provide you hosting at a very cheaper price compared to any other hosting provider, that’s why anyone can easily afford their service.

They have some different price for different hosting plans.

Domainracer provides 4 types of Shared Hosting, like Basic, Personal, silver & Advanced and they all have come with Different price & features.

Domainracer Silver plan is Highly recommended & also affordable for all kind of bloggers.

domainracer hosting plans


→Free .com or .in Domain 

Domainracer provides you free .com or .in extension domain Name if you are Going with Advanced hosting plan.

Also, you can host multiple websites on that Hosting package.

If you Buy the Advanced plan then you will get Domain name for free…It’s really a great way to save money with web hosting

->content lab complete review.

→Single Click WordPress Installation.

Yes, you can Install WordPress on your Domainracer Cpanel by just a Single click.

That feature makes website development work super duper easy for all.

And also you don’t need any Technical Knowledge to setup everything…

You can do it by just Some Clicks.

You can watch below video to know how to install WordPress in Domainracer Cpanel.

→High Security.

If I am talking about security perspective then domainracer is Unbeatable because they provide Magic spam pro & ModSecurity protection at free of cost.

In terms of Hosting security, they provide Everythings that you need.

So In terms of security, Domainracer is quite Good.

→Instant Support.

Instant Support makes Domainracer one of the best web hosting company compared to any other hosting provider.

There customer support team are just Awesome because I am recently hosted one of my micro niche sites on Domainracer and they quickly respond to my every question.

They also help you with any kind of Technical or website development issue on the Ticket.


If I am honestly speaking there are no such bad things out there but still, I want to discuss some “cons points” here.

→Less Marketing.

It is one of the Bad things that I observe from that hosting provider.

They don’t market their hosting service on Social Media or any channel, by that very fewer people know about Domainracer Company.

If I am Talking about Domainracer competitor, they are doing Marketing very Aggressively, so that the reason you may know about some highly marketed hosting company names such as Godaddy, BlueHost and Namecheap.

→No LiveChat Support.

Yes, they do not provide you any live support from their side and that it is one of the bad things you can say.

But they can quickly Reply to Every email that you send to him and also they help you with every technical problem that you get.

I think Less Marketing & No live chat system is one of the Cost cutting ways of Domainracer, Because they are providing very High-quality Hosting service at a very Cheap price.

In this Domainracer review, I discuss Every single Pros & con, by that you can Educate more about Domainracer.

Price Comparison With Popular Hosting Provider.

*Domainracer vs BlueHost & Hostgator.

domainracer vs bluehost

As you can see Domainracer only provides quality hosting at a very low cost compared to Bluehost and Hostgator.

So that the Reason Domainracer is one of the best options for beginner level blogger who want to start their website at a very low cost.

Remember, here I am not telling Bluehost or Hostgator is bad in terms of hosting, it’s quite Good and you know Bluehost is official WordPress recommended Web hosting.

But the price of those company fairly high for a beginner.


The above image/Screenshot is the speed test Report of Domainracer.

You can see the Performance grade is 98%, load time is 783ms and it also 97% faster.

Now you may belive Domainracer is faster than ever.

{Note-The above Speed test is done by one of the top rated speed test app-}

What People Say About Domainracer.

Here am sharing some screenshots of real user Review of Domainracer.{check below}

review domainracer      domainracer

review     review by user

Like above there are lots of Review out there on the internet about Domainracer hosting so you can check those for more understanding on the company.

So after seeing so many Positive Review on Domainracer, Now you can take your Decision to Buy Domainracer to host your website.


Best Domainracer Coupon/Discount For you.

As I am promise above, here I am giving you a 60% Discount on Domainracer Every hosting plan.

→Click Here to Get 60% Discount on Shared Hosting.

→Click Here to Get 60% Discount on VPS Hosting.

So you can Buy from above links to getting 60% on Domainracer.

Final Words on Domainracer Review.

So here our post on Domainracer Review is complete.

Now I am going to giving you the observation from that Complete Review.

As you can see, In this post we discuss the various point of view like the PROS & CONS of Domainracer, Price & Feature comparison between Domainracer & other Big hosting provider and we also share some real user screenshots and Speed Test Report.

From the above Domainracer review, we perceive that,

–>Domainracer is only one Hosting provider that giving quality & fastest hosting at a very cheap price.

–>They provide Good Hosting space at low cost.

–>Also they provide every Important feature that you need to Expect on a Quality Hosting Provider.

–>Their service support team help Customer with every Technical or Non-technical Issue.{By the help of Email & Phone call}

–>Approax 96% of the user giving 5 stars rating to Domainracer for his quality hosting service and quick response from the support team.

Now you may clear why I am suggesting you Use Domainracer for Host your site.

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So let me know in the comment is Domainracer review article helpful for you to start a New Blog at low cost.


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