5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Automation Matters

Folks working in the Digital Marketing space can totally relate to how exhaustive & stressful the job can become.

On the surface, it appears glossy; cool people with cheerful faces working in shiny spaces carrying laptop sipping coffee flooding client’s business with inordinate revenues. At least that’s what the stock photos suggest.

But there is more to this than meets the eye. A Digital Marketer is like a Batman, that’s as close as I can come to describing the host of roles that a Digital Marketer performs.

He will pitch clients, create strategies, collaborate across multiple teams, come up with creative solutions, oversee the operations. Phew… (I’m sure that there’s a lot that’s left out)

The biggest pain of all is having to do manual repetitive tasks, which makes you ponder, is this the best I can do with my life?

The answer to taking away the pains associated with the workings of Digital Marketing is AUTOMATION.

It is very crucial that you leverage Digital Marketing Automation Tools.


5 Reasons why you should give a damn about Digital Marketing Automation


    1. Productivity:

      Productivity is the essence of success & prolonged growth. What hampers productivity is having to perform manual repetitive tasks that consumes a lot of time & stretches the project timeline more than it should have taken. The point is if you take more time doing things then there is only so much that you can do. But if you leverage Digital Marketing Automation Tools then you can simply automate workflow and do more in a shorter timeline. That’s the perfect recipe for obtaining productivity. Google automated the way search works by building the world’s most intact search algorithm that produces relevant search results within seconds.
    2. Cost-Effectiveness:

      Obtaining Cost-Effectiveness throughout the project is the key that everyone wants to achieve, the WHAT? is figured; figuring out HOW? is a tricky part. The answer can be found in Automation Solutions that remove unnecessary links to the chain leading to overhaul.

      There literally are Automations that can save you money. Take Social Media Content Scheduling Tools, for example, these tools will schedule content to be published at the right time & date. In its absence, you will have to keep recruits who make sure that the content goes out right on time.

      There are SEO Automation Tools like SEMRush that automates the entire SEO Projects. It empowers you with unprecedented time at your disposal so that you can devote your time doing meaningful SEO activities like outreach & automate menial tasks like an audit to the tool. 
    3. More work in shorter Timeline:This is quite frankly the most crucial reason why Marketing Automation is important. Getting more done in less time equals more clients, more revenue, least fear about meeting deadlines & spending the weekend not fretting over excel sheets. In the absence of Automations, there will be more muscle work than brainwork. To grow your Digital Marketing Agency you need to get more and more clients on board. To make all this happen you need to spend time generating sales qualified leads & PR for your business.

      But how could you work on growing your own agency when you can barely devote time to the clients. What if you have high ticket clients that deserve dedicated project management supervision. In the absence of automation, the entire team will end up working on just one client or a few clients for that matter. 
    4. Lead Management & Lead Nurturing:Marketing Automation Tools actually empowers you with Lead Management & Lead Nurturing with it’s robust CRM.

      I honestly don’t know how your business can manage the two in the absence of these automation tools. Without Lead Management & Lead Nurturing your Business is doomed to failure. Automation Tools like HubSpot, MailChimp, InfusionSoft & Marketo helps to nurture & manage the leads, pull them down the funnel and convert them into customers. MailChimp, for example, will automatically send welcome emails to new subscribers, send onboarding series emails to new opt-ins, send emails to people who bought something from your E-Commerce Store asking for reviews.

      Having to do this manually is painful to even imagine. 
    5. Seamless Customer Service on Pilot Mode:Streamlining Customer Service with ongoing Digital Marketing Strategy & actually automating the customer servicing part can be a HUGE relief. There are tools that let you do just that.The best one yet is Facebook Messenger Chatbots whichever you prefer be it ManyChat, MobileMonkey or even Chatfuel. If the customer is pissed, he needs to blow off the steam, you can configure your Facebook Messenger Chatbot in a way that helps customer address his problems & have his pains resolved in real-time without you even intervening it. Your time can be best devoted to executing the Digital Marketing Strategies while your Facebook Chatbot takes care of customer service all by its own.

      In the same stance, email marketing service providers enable you with automation to take care of customer service in real-time.There are automations in MailChimp that allows you to send automated emails to users who added the product to the cart or to the users who bought something a month ago.

      The sheer amount of productivity that you can obtain is unbelievable.

      So, there you have it 5 reasons why Digital Marketing Automation is a necessity. What Marketing Automation you are using which you cannot live without.

That’s it!

Are you leveraging digital marketing automation? Let us know

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