Affiliate marketing can make you rich and give you boss free life.

affiliate marketing guide

Are you happy with what you are doing now? are you happy with your 9-5 job? you don’t find any passive income ideas.

I know most of you will say no.

So I will recommend you to do what you love. So in this blog, I will explain you about affiliate marketing and how can you get rich by doing affiliate marketing. I will give you some proven methods of how you can become a successful affiliate marketer and able to make a lot of money.

What is affiliate marketing??

⇒Affiliate marketing is a part of online marketing, you can use it as a tool to generate revenue. Most of the bloggers and online marketer use it for making millions of money.

⇒Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest methods of marketing. Where you can recommend someone to purchase any online product and if that person buys such a product on your recommendation then you receive a commission based on the price of the product.

How does affiliate marketing work?

⇒There are some specific affiliate companies which allow you to join their affiliate programme and help them in increasing sales revenue. These companies pay commissions to you for selling their product.

⇒The selling of the product of the company is based on the URL which is a unique link given by the respective company or the affiliate company.

When a person finds such URL given by the affiliate company in your website /blog/any social media platform then he can purchase the product through the link of your website for which the sales revenue of the affiliate company increases and it helps you to earn a commission.

 ⇒ The platform you just need to join your affiliate programme is a website/blog/youtube channel/mobile app/ any social media page like facebook, twitter etc.

The required details to join affiliate programme are name/address/e-mail id/banking details/cancelled cheque/pan card/ mobile no.

Top 3 best affiliate companies to join.


Amazon affiliate:-It is an affiliate programme of the Amazon e-commerce company. It allows users to join their affiliate programme and to create the URL links of the products from its e-commerce store and you can add this link to your website/blog/facebook or any social media platform.

There is also a scheme that if a person didn’t buy the product through your link immediately but in between 28 days then you also paid a small amount of commission.

Commission Junction:-In commission junction, you can found so many advertisers who are ready to give their product to promote them and earn handsome amounts of commission.

The main advantage of registering commission junction is, it is spam free and gives you a chance to choose a particular product according to your contents.

Click bank:-It is also a very famous affiliate program. Click bank also gives you a freedom to any kinds of products that you wish or that you want to promote.

Top strategic for selling affiliates products.

YES!! that questions are literally coming to your mind how to promote/selling products in a good way or correct way.

the way1:   I know promote products are very simple for you but conversion is very hard. (literally, conversion means how many clicks turns in to the seals).

All affiliates program gives commission when someone purchases a product from your links, it does not give click per commission. So conversion rate is most important for you. If you need more conversion then you have to capture e-mails from the visited users.

what is email capturing:- E-mail capturing is the method through which you can collect emails address of your website’s visitors by giving him some free products like –e-books, daily quotes etc. If you want to capture e-mails then you have to create a landing page on your website.

Benefits of email capturing:- By e-mail capturing you can found many e-mails of your users then you can send the affiliate product to your users. That’s why your conversion rate is increased. 

The way2:- If you have any blog/youtube channel then you can make a contain on particular products that you want to sell. By that way, you can earn really good amounts.

the way3:- If you have a well maintains facebook page or any social media page then you can say about your products to your followers.That’s a very good method for improving sales.

So, guys, I am completely describing you about affiliate marketing and how can you earn good amounts of money by affiliates sales.I hope you can completely be understood.

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