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Hello guys today in this blog i will tell you about one of the successful chinese mobile phone company Xiaomi.How xiaomi became india’s largest mobile phone selling company and world’s 4th mobile phone company.

Xiaomi is a chinese mobile phone company headquartered in Beijing china .Xiaomi develope,designs and sells smartphones,apps,and other electronic devices.The xiaomi mobile phone company was founded in 6th april of 2010,7 years ago and was founded by the ”Lien jun”.The revenue of this company is 15 billion $.

How xiaomi redmi company begins its journey

  • Xiaomi released its first smart phone in august 2011 and has rapidly gained market share in china and then it become china’s largest sell phone selling company
  • Now xiaomi is the world’s 5th largest smart phone company .Xiaomi success in attracting the consumer from the different countries of the world.Now xiaomi has more then 15,000 employees in china,india,singapore,malaysiya .After china the company’s second focus is on india as there are some xiaomi phone models which became largest selling models.

How Xiaomi become world’s 4th most valuable technology startup

  • In the first round of funding institutional investors included a few other company.
  • Then on august 16,2010 the Xiaomi launched its first android based film ware MIUI.it resembles samsung’s touch wiz and apple’s ios
  • In 2011 the Xiaomi announces its 1st smartphone Mi 1 .it has xiaomi’s MIUI film ware.
  • In 2011 after one year Xiaomi announced Mi 2 Smart phone
  • In 2013 september Xiaomi sold over 10 million mi2 mobile phones.On 5th september,Xiaomi announced plans to launch android based smart tvs which will be manufactured by the sony tv manufacturer Wistron of Taiwan.
  • By october 2013 Xiaomi become world’s 5th most used smart phone brand.
  • In 2014 China started it’s expansion outside of the china with their first head quarter in Singapore.Then the compsny started the head quarters in india,malaysiya,phillipines.
  • In 2014 the mi3 phones are released in singapore and were sold in only 12 minutes.
  • In april 2014 Xiaomi purchased the internet domain Mi.COM for a record of 3.6 billion$ you can visit this website mi.com

How Xiaomi redmi become India’s largest mobile phone selling company and a brand.

  • Now Xiaomi become india’s largest smartphone company .It started from april 2015. In 2015 the Xiaomi announced it would make its MI devices available through the india’s major e-commerce sites and through offline retailer.
  • On 23 april 2015, xiaomi announces a new smartphone MI4I in india.
  • Xiaomi become a popular mobile brand in india and the main reason behind it is best mobile features at a cheap price.
  • Before the entry of the Xiaomi there are a number of mobile phone companies like samsung,nokia,micromax which provide same mobile features at a high price but redmi provides the same features at a reasonable price.
  • So this mobile brand became very popular due to its amazing features and cheap price.
  • Then after became so popular the Xiaomi opens service cares in the various states of the country.
  • The Xiaomi provides amazing services to it’s consumers as the consumer satisfaction increases.
  • People of india began to loving these phones for its amazing features and cheap price. Then some phones of this mobile brand became india’s highest sold mobile phones,in  this way Xiaomi became successful in india.

Sucessful business module of the company.

The CEO of the company said that they  prices the phone almost at bill of material price without compromising the component quality and performance compared to the others premium smart phone companies.

  • By keeping a tight control over the stocks Xiaomi is able to place its orders at a cheaper rate .Xiaomi says that they listen closely to consumers feedback.

So for this successful business module and better management now Xiaomi is able to compete with smartphone giants like motorola,apple,nokia,microsfoft etc……….

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