Why you should start a business

why you should start a business
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Hello guys in this blog i will tell about why you should start a business instead of doing a 9 to 5 job .This blog is totally creative and different from all topic.From this topic we will  start our business information and tips……


  • Normally business is known as the earning of the profit.In the commercial language business means trading which refers to the exchange of the goods and services for the money or money’s worth.
  • In our world everyone is doing 9 to 5 job cause it takes low risks and basically low investments .Believe me if you are a successful businessman or entrepreneur then your upcoming generation need not to have a job.So if you ever wonder why you should get rich please read this topic.

What it feels to owning a business.

The business has numerous merits and the only demerit is the business includes high number of risks..So there are some reasons to own a business.

Reasons to start a business.

  • The  business is full of freedom and independence means you are free to cultivate your things.You will be the one give orders and who providing incomes.
  • For some people owning a business is just like to fulfilling their dreams and building an extraordinary lifestyle but its negative as it is very difficult to owning a business but believe me its far better than to doing a 9 to 5 job.
  • Many people thing that when they are busy with their job  they think that they are earning a lot of money but its wrong.They should realize that they are not their own boss as they have to follow the orders of a third person.
  • a successful businessman no matter how small he is he has respect .The people of the country gives him respect.
  • In every business the businessman are powerful as they are famous ,they  have respect and the most important they dominates world.
  • According to the former richest man on the world billgates.”THE MOST IMPORTANT THING AFTER OXYGEN FOR A HUMAN LIVING IS MONEY”and its true.
  • There is a saying that money can’t buy happiness but its false.So in  business a successful businessman earns a lot of money probably higher than a 9 to 5 job.So that you can build your life style with a better version than a job holder.
  • Boss life is the most essential feature of a businessman that you are free to do experiments with your business and as i said you will be the one to giving orders and providing the incomes.


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