Why India’s top 5 successful startups from 2017-18 had been so popular till now!

top 5 successful startups in India 2017-18
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In simple words, startup means to establish a brand new business with a very low investment. Generally, startup contains low investment with high risk. A startup is the beginning stage of a new small business and the process of expanding it in all over the world. There are many startups starts every day in this world but not every startup succeed, so in this blog, i will tell you about some successful startups in India.

according to the business world, a startup is an entrepreneurial venture which is typically a brand new emerged, fast developing business that aims to meet a marketplace. Generally, the main objective of every startup (whether in India or in any foreign country) is to provide an innovative product, service, process, experience or any platforms. The main goal of every startup is to help its consumers in every possible way and it is different from a business.

So guys in this blog I will tell you about top 5 Indian startups from the year 2017 to 2018. This startup list includes some ideas like lending, e-commerce, EMI schemes, and these startups are unique and innovative.


Top 5 successful startup in India:-

Krazy Bee:- 



As an innovative startup in India it provides mobile phones, laptops and other technological gadgets to the students on the instalment basis. This startup is funded by the Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi in India.

students who are unable to afford a smartphone in their college days now they can afford it as the students can lend their mark sheets to access creditworthiness and hand out loans for mobiles and other technological gadgets like laptops, desktops etc.

The app also provides educational loans to the poor students and the students in difficult situations. They said that ‘We help students fulfil their aspirations’

Now Krazy bee is rapidly expanding its business in Tamilnadu and other major cities in India and it focuses on solving the problems and unique needs of the poor students. Krazy bee is currently present in more than 150 colleges in Chennai and has 200 campus managers. It received 13 million $ and funding till date. So it is becoming successful startup now.

Gold farm:-


   Gold farm is an agricultural startup in India that serves as a farm equipment aggregator. All know India is an agriculture lover nation but nowadays it is very difficult for a farmer to purchase a piece of land for the agricultural purpose but the gold farm is such an incredible startup which lends lands to the poor farmers for farming purpose.

gold farm in India’s 1st farm equipment booking apps which have 7500 hectares of barren land and 24,998 hectares of ploughed land. It is funded by Intlecap, infuses venture.

The main motive of this startup is to build a platform where farmers can access products and services that they will need for agriculture according to the affordable capacity of the farmers and according to me it is a successful startup.

MYRA( online pharmacy):-


As an online pharmacy website with the help of which you can order your medicine by sitting at your home. The idea of the Myra startup started from a problem faced by the founder due to inaccessibility of the medicines at the time of need.

The startup also developed a specialized ERP called prism for the order tracking, user management and dispatch purposes.

   MYRA has a secured series a round of funding co-led by times internet and matrix-partners India. It is one of the valuable startups in India aiming for a healthy future of the people of India.

Flo chat:-


Normally it is a messaging platform but it also combines chatting with other activities like it has a unique feature that this app allows you to book movie tickets through book my show, it also allows you to order your favourite meal from your favourite restaurants like Zomato, it also provides you to search for the coupon and deals offers, and booking ola and uber cabs.

This is an entertainment app with amazing features and it is a brilliant startup which combines many helpful features with one app.

UNBXD (product discovery for the e-commerce):-


   Unbxd is a young startup and has a product called unboxed commerce. It works as search and navigation on e-commerce sites.

It is founded by the Paban sodun and Prasant Kumar. It works in more than 40 countries and it’s 80% revenue comes from the foreign countries. Such as pepper fry, lens kart etc. It provides product discoveries for the various domestic and foreign e-commerce companies.

So, guys, these are some top 5 successful startups in India from 2017 to 2018.These start-ups are very well business plan so they are very popular till now.  So guys if any of you are interested in starting a business with low investment then you can visit my special article through the link provided below.

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