why digital marketing.

Why digital marketing is a future Dominator-(2018 case study)

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In the late 19th century with the birth of the internet, the world start suffering losses from the traditional marketing approach and the reason behind this decline in the usage of traditional marketing is the beginning of a new era which is known as “DIGITAL MARKETING”.

And now since the past 10 years, the digital marketing has already built its empire as more and more people getting all their information from a simple search to buying a product or service via online which is very easy compared to the traditional or offline system.

That’s why digital marketing is far better than traditional marketing in many ways as it makes things easier.

Right now in the world of marketing, digital marketing helps a lot of business and digital marketers in their diversification or expansion.

Now, what digital marketing stands for??

‘In the general word, digital marketing means to promote a product or service of a particular brand via electrical way”.

According to Wikipedia ”Digital marketing is an umbrella term system” and this system consists of many marketing modules.

This is totally different from the traditional marketing as it is very convenient and cost-efficient than the traditional marketing. Digital marketing consists of different types of tactics and trick which I am gonna tell you in this post but it requires more practical knowledge, thinking power, creativeness, analyzing skill, and passion and dedication.

why digital marketing

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So how it is all started and why digital marketing is needed in all companies??

It started Before the 20th century when the internet started its expansion all over the world. It gave birth to the some of online world famous companies like Amazon, eBay, Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista software, Microsoft these companies began to rule the world online economy.

But in the beginning, these companies suffered huge losses and unable to make a profit.

You know what the reason behind it??

The reason is most of the companies provided their goods and services via online so if a person wants to buy their product and service or information he must have a computer or mobile  but having a personal computer at that time is very difficult for an individual as they are very expensive and the most of the people are illiterate about the information technology.

Then people started to afford the mobile phones like Nokia, computers like Microsoft, apple etc.

With these they came to know about the internet and at the end of the 19th century finally, people started accessing the internet.

with the starting of the 21st century, GOOGLE which is known as the internet giant today started its mission to expand the internet knowledge to each and every people in every corner of the world.

GOOGLE started providing blogs and informative bits of knowledge about the advantages of the internet. Then it started to promote the business of the other companies and educate the people about the advantages of such companies.

Then slowly slowly people started to understand the advantages of the internet as the internet gives many facilities to the people at that time.

As the time passes, people begin to buy product and services from the online companies like Amazon, eBay and online coachings etc.

In this way, people started to live on the internet and right now you cant live without the internet because it becomes the 4th essential after cloth, food, and shelter.

As the online companies started making more profits from the online selling it encourages many companies to the online platform and by these helps we can see the new era of the digital marketing.

So why digital marketing is so important today for every business.

Let’s talk about it.

Why Digital marketing is essential in today’s generation

why digital marketing

I can guess we already discuss the birth of the digital marketing and the role of the internet in the born of the digital marketing and how internet reached to the each and every people in the world.

In today’s world digital marketing helping a lot of companies on the road of progress, diversification and growth.

So is this really essential??

if you are a great marketer or business person then,


Which means you have to live around your customer and right now in the 21st century we can find all the people in the online platforms like social media( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Now we will discuss how digital marketing helps in the growth of your business.

⇒ Higher conversion rate.


We all know the term website and it is the 1st step to the Digital marketing. All the famous online company we know like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart etc are started from the website.

Converting your viewer to the consumer is the key thing to grow your website. So here digital marketing helps the company to reach all their consumers around the world and it helps in increasing the ROI or sales. In this way, digital marketing help in increasing the sales of the various companies.

If you want to promote your business online, then you have to learn some digital marketing modules.

There are many modules of digital marketing to increase your conversion rates like SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, PPC advertising, video marketing and blogging.

Let’s understand with SEO.

SEO which is known search engine optimization helps in reaching the target audiences, to do the perfect SEO but you have to be patient as it is a time taking process.

Another one is social media marketing.

we all know that 90% of the worlds’ people use social media and if we use to promote business and service with social media then it will help us to educate and aware people our brand, product and services and it helps to promote your brand through advertisement which will help in getting potential and targeted audience but this is limited in comparing to SEO.

Email marketing is an important tool to grow your online business and reach out to more customers. It is the key element of the digital marketing by the help of which you can send the information about your product and service directly to your targeted consumer’s mailbox.

With the help of PPC advertising, you can bid your targeted keywords which you want to rank to get more leads and conversion.

Nowadays we all are watching videos rather than reading. So the video is the very cool way to promote your business and by the video marketing you can engage more with your audience also you can connect with people emotionally.

Blogging is an online content sharing tool, with the help of blog post you can reach out to your targeted customers. If you make some blog posts about your product and services then it will help you to get more traffics which will lead to higher sales.

That’s why digital marketing is essential if you want to increase your conversion rate.

⇒ Reach more audience worldwide.

reach out

The online marketing contains some modules which help to reach out to more customers worldwide.

It also helps in spreading brand awareness of your product and services worldwide.

With the help of digital marketing modules like social media marketing, Email marketing, Google advertising, youtube advertising and blogging your brand can achieve lots more audience internationally.

Through the online advertising, you can spread your brand and product awareness easily and cost-effectively but in the case of traditional marketing you can not reach out to lots of audiences universally.

Because in the traditional marketing you have to advertise your product or service with the help of newspaper, radio, poster and tv. By that advertising, you can not track which type of and how many audiences look for your advertising. Also, traditional marketing is very expensive comparing to the online advertising.

So, digital marketing is very essential to grow and reach more audience worldwide.

⇒Helps in branding.


We know the online advertisement comes under the part of the digital marketing.

With the help of online advertisement, you can promote your goods and services on the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

With the help of these platforms, you can connect with more customers universally and grow your brand awareness.

For making a  good brand that all customers trust and buy products confidently, it takes some time and also depends on your product value and user satisfaction.

So try to give more and more value to your customer and behave well and also try to create a trust with your audience.

Branding creates better goodwill for your business, which improves sales and brings in more customers.

So branding is the very important part for the growth of the business and it helps to build trust.

⇒ It is cost efficient.

If we compare digital marketing with the traditional marketing approach then we will find that digital marketing is cheap and cost-efficient.

So why digital marketing is very cheap and cost-efficient??

Every day digital marketers spend hour and days in finding new innovative ways in the digital marketing to promote goods and services at a cheaper rate.

Let’s understand why digital marketing is affordable.

Suppose a toy brand advertising it’s products through both digital marketing and traditional marketing.

In case of traditional marketing if the company wants to promote its goods or service then the methods by the help of which the marketer can promote are the newspaper, Television advertisement, pamphlet, business cards, posters etc.

If the toy company wants to promote the goods then the expenses will be near about 7 to 10 lakh/10,000$ above.

The expenses are more because in traditional approach more manpower and physical things needed.

Not only the traditional marketing is expensive but also it is wastage of time as it will take weeks and even if months and it is limited to a particular location not globally. The research says that traditional marketing results in low sales.

As compared to traditional marketing the digital marketing is very cheap and beneficial.

The targeting methods of the digital marketing are an online advertisement which may be paid or free but the free online advertisement is not meritious compared to paid ones.

It also limits to the globally or internationally and time effective. The cost of the online advertisement starts from zero to unlimited which is pretty much good compared to traditional marketing.

By the SEO which is one of the important modules of the digital marketing will help to reach your targeted consumers organically by listing your website at the top of the GOOGLE.

Another term like social media marketing, e-mail marketing and video ads which helps in reaching the high number of targeted customers worldwide

⇒ Potential to better ROI.

⇒ Consumers get products and services at the cheaper rate.

Why digital marketing is better than the traditional way.


(image sourceHdisplay

Marketing is the core part or heart of every business\organisation. without marketing probably you cannot sell any product or service.

You normally think the term marketing means – advertisement on TV newspaper, Radio, hoarding, and pamphlets.

Know that all are the oldest form of marketing.

But in today’s generation marketing is changing drastically.

In some last decades, new age marketing comes out which is known as digital marketing\online marketing.

Tv, radio, newspaper, hoarding, pamphlets that all are traditional marketing modules and also these modules are working normally and give an average result.

But traditional marketing modules not performing well than online marketing modules. And we already discussed that traditional marketing is very expensive compared to digital marketing.

That’s why lots of business owners want to promote their goods and services through digital way instead of traditionally.

So now we discuss how digital marketing will dominate the future market and some important difference between online and offline marketing.

So without any delay lets explore.


Cost and money flow is the most important factor of any kind of business organization.

Every company wants more sales and profits by expenses minimum budget.

But if you are a business person and choose offline/traditional marketing to promote your business then you have to invest lots more money in maintaining company stocks, giving salary to the employee, rents of the store and also banner and TV ads charging lots of money from you.

But if you choose online marketing then you can expand your business easily with very low/affordable amounts of investments in social ads, website optimization, and email marketing or lead generation.

Also, you can promote your business with a very low or zero budget through online marketing but that need some expertise or practical skills.

So, online marketing is very cost effective than traditional marketing and also online marketing give you better ROI(RETURN OF INVESTMENT).


One of the biggest disadvantages of offline/traditional marketing is reaching limitation or promoting barrier.

But in the case of online marketing, there are no barriers for reaching out. It easily reaches out globally and gives you more exposure for your business.

By international reaching out to people, you can get more targeted potential customers worldwide.

By online marketing process, you can generate a sufficient amount of sells.

If your product or service is useful and value for money then your business is famous internationally. That really helps you to get more and more quality leads.


In the internet marketing world, there is no time barrier. Customers coming to your website and buy products and service at any time anywhere. (24hrs. a day/365  day in a year).

But if we compare with offline marketing, a seal is possible when the store is open.

In online marketing, you can buy products or service seating online and it comes to your doors steps but in the case of the traditional way you have to go to the store to buy any products.

So by the online technology people, buy products and services easily at anywhere without wasting time for shopping. So it creates the better user experience.


customer analysis

Targetting and customer analyze is the top most important features of Digital marketing. That makes your business easier.

With the help of online marketing, you can track your website visitors interest and behaviors, means which type of people interested in which type of product.

With that information, you can better target your specific products/services for your customers.

If you target more category wise product to a targeted audience, then obviously sells will be improved.

But in traditional marketing, it is very difficult to targetting and tracking interest of your customers.

So in the case of customer targeting and optimizing selling the online marketing platform is more effective.

Retargeting customer.


That is the big difference between online and offline marketing, you can easily Retargeting your website visitors in online marketing.

You know only 1% to 2% of visitors are converting into a lead at first visite. If your site is new or not a very well know brand then your conversion rate is may be too low.

But in digital marketing, you can retarget your website visitors, by that process you can improve your conversion rate.

But how to retarget them?.let’s see…

When a visitor visits your website and browses some products but he/she didn’t buy your any products, in that case, you have to analyze by your tool in which product customers show his impression and then you can retarget that particular customer by showing Google paid ads.

By that remarketing approach, you can grab your user attention once again towards your products and that strategy surely works and helps to improve your sells.

But in the case of offline marketing Remarketing strategy won’t be work well.

So above are some important difference between online and offline marketing. So why digital marketing is important for today’s generation business you may know now by the above difference.

So which type of marketing you prefer most let me know in the comment box.

Now we going to discuss all modules that use in digital marketing.

Top domains in digital marketing.


(Image source- excelrang.com)

Digital marketing is a very vast field, many subjects are available in this.

So now we discuss 6 digital marketing domains that helpful for growing an online business.

*Content marketing.

*Social media marketing.

*Search engine optimization.

*Search engine marketing.

*Email marketing.

*Affiliate marketing.

*Video marketing.


Now we deeply going through all the digital marketing domains and how these domains make your business more profitable in the internet world.

So let’s dive into content marketing.

Content marketing.

content marketing

In the online marketing world content is the most important factors in any business.

So that the reason you may always heard ”CONTENT IS THE KING”.

You know ”Content marketing is all about creating engageable content that gets more reach to your customers.

So without a great piece of content, you can not attract lots more visitors.No visitors means no seals and no sells means no business.

For a business engageable and super reach contents is very important.

Well, now we going to discuss this topic.

Many forms of content are available on the internet 1)TEXT CONTENT,2)IMAGE CONTENT,3)INFOGRAPHICS CONTENT,4)VIDEO CONTENT.

So let’s discuss some content marketing strategy.

Before going on content marketing strategy we discuss what actually a content.

So get a quick round up…..

I am sure when you heard about ”Content marketing” you may think about a blog post, social media post, Videos or infographics post.

But sorry you are completely wrong.

Because content marketing is all about storytelling, well researchable information, knowing humans behaviors and creative writing.

If we define then ”Content marketing” is an approach to focus on creating reach actionable and engageable contents that readers read and also share with others.

So, what is the purpose of a content?

Simple, to educate online visitors and sell products and services.

Content marketing is all about giving value to the audience and solving the problem of the user by delivering great resources.

With the good content marketing strategy, you can easily compete with your competitors.

You know by well-practicing content marketing strategy you can make your website more powerful and authoritative.

All user love to visite authoritative site and also buy products from those sites.

So in the field of digital marketing ‘‘contents plays a vital role. So make sure to learn more about the Content marketing.

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So let’s turns in to ”social media marketing”.

Social media marketing.

social media

You know Social media is the biggest online market and there you can found more customer for your business.

90%  of top online marketer’s says social media is the biggest place to get more leads and potential target customer to the business.

With the help of Facebook and Instagram marketing, you can sell anything across the globe and make your brand famous for spending limited or affordable budget.

Also, you can do Linkedin marketing to attract lots more targeting and professional customers for your business.

Social media is only one marketing platforms that help you to get worldwide traffic to your business and also give you more exposure.

So in the marketing evolution, you can’t grow your business without social media marketing. Also social media marketing very much cheaper than traditional marketing.

One more positive points about social media marketing are ”you can start marketing with zero investments” but it does not give you better reach but if you have strong marketing skill then you can get benefited.

If you want to start marketing your brand through social media then first you have to create a business page and promote that page with your product by paid advertising.

For getting more leads for your business, you have to create a powerful strategy that’s why you can get better ROI.

Lot’s of business gets benefited with the help of social media, so get some knowledge about social media marketing strategy and try to promote your brand.

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Search engine optimization.


If you have any ideas about how many blog posts published in each and every day?

Well, that almost in millions

Also, your post is one of them right?

So how can you get compete with millions of post and get decent traffic to your blog? (any idea?)

So here is the terms called SEO is coming out.

Wow, what is SEO?

SEO is known as search engine optimization and this technique is used for the rank blog post on the google.

You may think now you can apply this technique and easily rank your post on the top page of the search.

Haha, NO!!SEO is not such a type of magic bullet, ok…

You have to learn lots more technique, strategy and also you have to implement these particular tactics, by doing that type of practical thing then you can able to rank your post on top of google search.

Also, SEO technique is divided into 2 parts one is BLACK HAT SEO and 2nd is WHITE HAT SEO.

Blackhat SEO is the hack and spammy SEO strategy with the help of this technique many marketers try to rank their post quickly. So my suggestion is cannot use any type of Blackhat SEO strategy, that give you a Google algorithm penalty.

If we talk about White hat SEO technique, that means to rank a website in genuine ways, not in any hacks or spammy ways.

If you want to learn and do SEO then make sure to use WHITE HAT SEO technique.

You know by the use of Seo you can promote your website in worldwide without paying money for advertising.

But one problem with this technique is it’s very competitive and time taking for all.

Believe me, if you have done your Seo correctly and rank your post on Google 1st page then you can get more sells and targeted traffic to your website than social media marketing.

So make sure to use this technique for your online brand, that gives you better results than any online marketing strategy.

Learn- Seo article writing tips for rank on Google.

Now come to the Search engine marketing…

Search engine marketing.


Search engine marketing is shortly known as SEM and it’s also known as PPC advertising.

SEO and SEM are relatively the same but in SEM technique you have to pay some money for rank in the top position of any search engine.

SEM is the most effective and quickest way to grow online brands and website traffic.

If we define SEM then it uses for ranking a website in high SERP position for a targeted keyword without doing any SEO practice.

In that process, advertisers bid for a particular keyword and pay according to the user click, so that is known as PPC(pay per click) advertise also.

If you need the quickest ways to sell your products without doing SEO, then surely you can do that.

By using SEM technique you always one step high then your competitors but you have to pay lots of money for that.

Some keywords are very expensive and that charge you lot (almost 20$ to 60$ per click)…If you have a good amount of money for investment in your business then without thinking you can do that.

If you do SEM in an intelligent way then you can generate better ROI.

But if we compare SEO with SEM then some of the marketers say SEO is good and some say SEM is good but if we look deeply then in some cases SEO is good.

If you have a better understanding of SEO then you can drive traffic and conversions for free but in SEM case you have to pay for that.

So, if you are a business owner try to do both of things that give you better profit instead of focusing on one topic.

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Let’s come to email marketing…

E-mail marketing.

email marketing

Here we don’t discuss what is email

We discuss how can a brand or website market there products and services through email marketing and also we learn some easy tactics that help you to get the higher conversion.

Email marketing is a direct marketing strategy by that you can send mail to your consumers with the help of electronic mail.

You can send valuable information, new products update and new events update to your audience, by that you can interact well with your customer and improve your sells and brand value.

You can promote each and everything with the help of email marketing.

But one thing you have to need that is mail address of your targeted customer.

So how to collects an email address of your audience.

Let’s talk about it.

If you have a website, landing page, facebook page or youtube channel then you can collect emails from your audience by giving him perfect value.

If you want to collect emails then giving some value to your consumers then one should give you mail.

You can be giving value by sending him Newsletter, e-books, video courses and free consultant or help.

After that, some audience gives you there emails.

When you collect lots of emails then try to communicate with your audience in regular basic.

By communicating well with your subscriber, you can build trust with them and it helps in getting more profits.

After that giving him some offers about your products and services or give any valuable thing that your user needs.

You know many experienced marketers say ”1% invest on email marketing give you 33% more return”.

So try to learn more about email marketing strategy that surely helps your new business.

Affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a commission based marketing system and it’s a very old version of marketing.

In affiliate marketing you to have sell products of any company and this company give you commission according to your sell.

Nowadays affiliate marketing is the top most popular online business. Many people do affiliate marketing for online income.

Affiliate marketing is completely a passive income source and lot’s more people make millions by doing affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a system that helps both the company and marketer. With the help of affiliate marketer, a company sells there products without any marketing and also an affiliate marketer earn a good amount of passive income without any own products.

That’s the reasons most of the online company allow members to join his affiliate program.

So if you are a business owner and want more sells and profits then make sure to open an Affiliate program for your business.

For doing affiliate marketing you have to need some platforms like- facebook page, Instagram page, website, youtube channel or a landing page.

So before starting affiliate marketing make sure to build a platform.

For success in affiliate marketing make good communication with your audience and give value to your user and build trust then your audience believe you and buy from your link.

If you serious about affiliate marketing then learn some marketing strategy and invest some time and money then you can earn a decent amount of revenue.

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Video marketing.

video marketing

Today’s world is an internet world.

All the people consuming huge amounts of data daily.

Also, the internet is faster than before and Worldwide people consuming internet at a 4g speed at very minimal cost.

So why not people watching videos online.

With the internet boom, all people want to watch more and more video contents rather than text-based content.

So that the opportunity born for online marketers for marketing their products.

If we talk about video content platform then youtube is the giant of all platform. Youtube have huge amounts of an audience.

So now the question began on how to market products and services with the help of youtube. (so let’s turn in to that topic)

If you are an advertiser then you can advertise your products and services with the help of Adsense and Adsense show your ads to the targeted people in Youtube videos.

Another method is to create your own youtube channel and make a good review about your business and upload it on youtube. (you can also run advertising for that video).

If you think you have not much more audience on your channel then you can sponsor your business with any other youtube channel.

In the sponsorship method, you have to approach your business related youtube channel and give your product for review with their audience. By this method, you have to pay some money to the channel owner.

Believe me, youtube is the best place for marketing all kinds of products.

By the youtube video marketing, you can generate more sells and profits because by the video contents a viewer engaging more and connect emotionally with the channel owner, if this person promotes your products on youtube video then people trustfully buy your products.

Learn- Video marketing guide 2018.

Always remember ”Trust is the big things for success in any kind of business”. SO, build trust and never cheat with your audience.



I know before buying any product or service from online we all search the specification and information about that product and get that all from various types of blogs.

And from this, we can guess that how much important blogging is and what role it plays in the business world.

Offcourse it plays an important role in the modern marketing system. But you must ensure that writing content about any product or service that your user love and will lead him to buy that product or service is very hard.

So you must have some content marketing experience because blog post writing is a part of content marketing.

Nowadays content marketing is all about storytelling and I already discussed this in the upper paragraph.

So blogging plays a vital role in the online marketing world. So try to do blogging for your business.

Future scope of Digital marketing.

future of digital marketing

Future is the interesting Buzzword right?. So let’s predict the future of digital marketing…

We know literally all businessmen in the world always estimate the future scope because businesses made for a future purpose.

Starting a business and expanding it is one of the crucial processes as generally, it depends on the various market factors like demand and supply and most is the future time period.

As an example- Suppose you have a toy shop then you must estimate the demand for the toy business and product for future 10 years.

Like that, if you want to be a digital marketer or start a digital marketing company then you must estimate the demand and future of digital marketing because it is your career or business.

So, let’s talk about some scenarios of 2018.

future of digital marketing

(Image source-we are social)

Do you know in the world out of 7 billion people there are 4.1 billion people are internet user and it is increasing gradually.

It means half of the world population is using the internet and it is increasing 7% in a year, which is a surprising fact and by this, we can easily estimate the future of the digital marketing which is very bright.

Also, the world has 5.1 billion mobile users which grow 4 % a year.

The number of social media user is 3.2 billion which grow 13% a year.

The current scenario does not only show the number of users but also shows that these users engaged in the internet long before and also stay active in the internet world more than ten hours a day.

Since 2015 the usage of internet is growing faster than the previous rate it means the number of internet users is increasing simultaneously with the increase in the population.

These situation is creating a massive scope in digital marketing.

The main reason why companies are adopting online marketing because it is very convenient and more result oriented for business.

You can track A-Z marketing strategy and business growth of a company with digital tools which is impossible for traditional marketing.

According to a study of the social beat, 86% of brands are completely depending upon digital advertising and sales.

For these reasons, we can say that’s why all companies are shifting from traditional to digital as there are more people present in the digital world.

Indirectly we can say that the digital world is creating more job and career opportunities because there are more users in the digital world which attracts a lot of businesses to make the profit.

So I already told you all the scenes about the future of the digital marketing and you can easily estimate the future of it and how it will dominate the future world.

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Quick Warm Up.

I am sure this article gives you a clear understanding of digital marketing and why digital marketing is needed for today’s generation business and we also discuss the future of the online marketing world.

Also, we clearly understand digital marketing is not one topic, it’s a very broad topic and it consists of several modules.

If you want to make a career in the digital marketing field then you have to learn and expert with all the modules.

Also, remember digital marketing is nothing but it’s a part of marketing. If you don’t learn or understand marketing strategy then you can’t be a successful digital marketer.

So start learning some marketing fundamentals and strategy then implement in your business by the digital way. That’s the way you can find a better result form your business.

I hope this post gives you some value and some interesting knowledge about the digital marketing world.

If you like my post please share your opinion in the comment box and share this post with your friends.

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