want to earn money from Bitcoin??what is Bitcoin??how to invest??

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Hello guys welcome to our blog. In this blog i will describe about top trending topic Bitcoin.How can you earn from bitcoin? what is bitcoin? and how to invest in bitcoin?..If you interested to know about that topic so carefully read our blog..

what is bitcoin??

A bitcoin is a digital currency or virtual currency,, that you can’t fell or touch.It is also know as crypto currency.On 18th august 2008 the bitcoin is developed.Firstly it is used for digital cash transfer.Bitcoin is a software program that is developed by Santoshi Nakamoto. After few years that currency is very much popular and accepted by many several organisation.This coin is not authorized by any person.

When bitcoin is popular in all over the world then bitcoin investments started by some people.In initial stage one bitcoin price is up to 1$-2$..

when the investment is popular day by day and people make money from that investment then bitcoin is acceptable by many organisation.Then people are craze about the bitcoin investment.

Because the high demand of bitcoin investments the price of bitcoin is suddenly increase 10x more than initial investment.so one bit coin price goes up 1$ to 10,000$…

So many people and company owner continuously investment on bitcoin so the rate of bitcoin is on the boom. Day by day it is very popular for investment.some people are millionaire by only bitcoin investment.

So is that clear now you can really earn money from bitcoin investments.so now the question is appears how to invest on it,,so read now continuously i think you can find the answer simply..

How to invest in bitcoin by zebpay app.

If you are interested to invest/buy bitcoin so you can easily buy from zebpay app.This app is help you to buy, sell and trade bitcoin very easily.If you want to buying and selling bitcoin from zebpay then follow steps below..

verify zebpay account- you have to verify your zebpay account before you can buy and sell bitcoin via bitcoin..

  1. verify your no and set up account pin.
  2. on the home screen go to the top right corner and open the options..
  3. submit your all required details like –e-mail,pan card,bank account,adhar card.
  4. click submit button.
  5. after submit details account verification is show pending and it takes 3-working days. when your account is verify zebpay notify on you email..

How to add money.

when verification is complete then you can add money through bank account.All types of bank account is accepted by zebpay for adding money..

How to buy.

when money is adding in your zebpay wallet then press the buy option. enter the amount that you want to buy.click on place order then your order is proceed.According to the market price buying bitcoin amount is adding in your wallet.

How to generate profits??

The reason of investment is getting or make profits so,,

  1. Buy bitcoin when the market price is low or stable.
  2. sell bit coin when market price is high.
  3. Research on bitcoin market value .when you have experience on trading then you easily guess when bitcoin price is going to down or rate is going to high.Then you can generate high amount of profits.

Bitcoin investment is good??

Yes!! it is a big question for all investors or who want to invest on it. I am not investor so i don’t give you any suggestion…

Now a day bitcoin share value is down day by day. so many people suffer from the investments.

science 2014-15-16-17 years bitcoin share value is on the top and very demanded investment by lots of people.

In that time many people makes million of money by bitcoin investments.

According to the world top investor ”warren buffet”- bitcoin is a bubble and when it is burst any one can’t say,, so it is a very risky game and that investments don’t go long time..

But most of investor say it is a good investments method and by that investments we should make millions of money in some months..

I have already invest in bitcoin for just one time and that time i invest just 33$ and i also make profits up to 7.2$ in just 5 day..

so my opinion about bitcoin investment- if you interested to invest money for try and don’t care about that investments money then you can go for that..

SO,, guys i think this blog gives you some knowledge about BITCOIN..

SO,, guys what is your opinion about bitcoin investment please comment below…

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