Top 5 android games that people love to play

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Hello, guys in this blog I will give you some information about the top 5 android/ios games that people love to play.In this blog, we will discuss some games under 120 MB.

Games can be fun or addictive.In fact, there are a couple of games which can just make the hour disappear.Beat high-end graphics and the story makes you want to play for long hours.So here are the top 5 games based on androids/ios that people often play.


There are a plenty of games you can find on the google play stores and i tunes but these are my favorites…



clash of clan is a popular iPad/i phone or android game created by the supercell.It has been available internationally on the i tunes since 2 August 2012 and on the google play store since 8th October 2013.Although clash of clan is free to download and play, additional in a game currency can be purchased for the real money from the apple app store or from the play google store.

The clash of clan is a strategic international game.Where from the rage field barbarians with the glorious beard to fantasy wizards and magical witch, raise your army to fend off the raiders and battle against the millions internationally, you can forge a powerful clan with the others to destroy your enemy clan from the corners of the world.The clash of clan is an online game.It is developed by the supercell, the company behind other popular games are heyday.There are two modes in this game one is single player and another one is multiplayer.

Here is the link to the game      clash of clans

MISSION IN BERLIN; a man from an uncle-


The man from the uncle is a highly anticipated action adventure comedy from the world war 2.The war was lasted before 44 years ago and never recruited as an actual conflict.Generally, the time was about political and military tensions between us and USSR, the end of the war was on till 1991, anyway, the game is based on the movie a man from the uncle

The game offers nice storyline action, graphics, and a great playing experience.The game is more than 90 MB and therefore it may take larger loading times.In this game choose who you want to play for you can be a member of the American CIA or the Russian KGB.Use the weapons and complete all the tasks.There will be an open city in which you can drive cars and shoot.This is a game for more players.The game resembles a mafia.

Here is the link to the =mission in Berlin

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Sniper ‘x’ with Jason Statham is an intense fixed screen shooting game that brings a Hollywood actor into a typical mobile sniper fare.There are several other such shooting games in the play store but this game’s features are special.


The game offers a plenty of guns as assault rifles and shoots gun missions.There are also training missions in the game for the beginners player.You will need cash to purchase guns and upgrade their components with appropriate tips and take down your key targets faster achieve streaks and earn more money.According to me training mode of the game is the best way to earn extra money if you are running out of money in the game.

So here is the link for this game=  sniper x



The game is an fps shooting game.In 2040, world war 3 happened.Country frontiers changed modern warfare advanced to a new era after the minister of defense signed a contract with the cs corporation to perform a project dead target in which they transform the prisoners into the zombie outbreak.

In this game, you can

  • Witness the stunning 3d graphics with detailed texture
  • Enjoy the realistic sound effect and the music
  • bring and smash the zombies
  • Be a killer to slay the zombies.
  • The game contains quests and achievements.
  • complete quests and rank up.

So guys here is the link to the gam=  dead target




The game is based on the shooting terrorists, maniacs, and other psychopathic.These are the plague of today’s world.In this game, they will plan to nuke you and infect the world with a deadly virus, but you are gonna shoot them.

You will love major fps game for its addictive arcade-style gameplay that brings you the best endless shooting experience from the different guns.Improve your skill as a one-man army and upgrade your arsenals.The game contains so good graphics, different location environment, and explosions…

So guys here is the link     major gun 

Ok, guys in the above I just gave some information about the top 5 android and ios games that people love to play.Readers what is your about this topic ?do share your feedback in a comment.You can get more android games like this from this bellow 

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