Top 5 business which you can start with low investment

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Hello guys today in this blog I will tell you 5 such business which you can start immediately with low today’s tough competition its very hard to find a job so in order to make much income some people choose business which you can start with low here we are with 5 such business which you can start now with a low investment.

Top 5 low investments business.

  • Gym and fitness.
  • Tuition classes or coaching centers.
  • Mobile shop.
  • Photography business.
  • Freelancing and hosting.


Nowadays starting a gym or fitness center become a popular business with a low investment.Because during these days literally, every person focuses on his /her physical status, exercises, and meditation so that it seems like the demand for the gym and fitness centers are increasing.So its good enough to say that gym and fitness center can become a good business.

Generally, these types of gym and fitness center fetch a low amount of capital in between 5,00,000 to 10,00,000 inr .If you want to start your own gym then you can do so.First of all, you have to find a perfect location where the demand for the physical exercise exists so that you can fetch a lot of consumers then you should focus on your advertisement and marketing in order to make your business popular, because these types of business don’t students ins that much competitors.after finishing these above steps you have to set a reasonable price for the services that you providing to your consumers fixing reasonable price is super important.After these, you can focus on your gym equipment, be sure your equipment are new and usable etc.In this way,y you can start your own fitness business by following these procedures..


In India, there are more than 300 million from the age of nursery to 21 years old.So in india education become so essential that every parents give their kids school education as well as tution education or private study facilities.So as a business you can start your own coaching center.

If you wants to start a coaching center then you can do so.If you have some professional knowledge about the lecture and about tutorials on some particular subjects then you can start your own coaching centers .these type of coaching center generally fetches a little much money all your business depends on your skills of giving education.As you developing your business you have the option to expand your business.


India is world’s 2nd country in the field of mobile phone uses after china.Generally, in india everyone is using more than one smartphone.So you can start your own mobile repair shops in order to providing repairing services.These types of business generally contain a lot of consumers as well as competitors so the consumers depends on your skill, service, a price for service.

You can start these type of business if you have some knowledge about the software and hardware about mobile phones.The capital requirement for these type of business is generally in between 15,000 to 30,000 inr .You can also transform your repairing shop in to the mobile shop…


Now a days as the fashion for the people is inreasing photography is on the boom.If you are starting a photography business, you need to make money first to not go out of business make a list of the ways to make a living from the photography and place them in order of potential income and enjoybility .Find the one that is the most practical for your sitiation .That is goal number one or you will not be around long enough to get a chance to success.

Once you get that part in place and off the ground, then you can work on numbers two and three in the list.But if you try to do all of them at once, you will be too fragmented to success at any of them.Then after being popular, you can establish your marketing plan.The best photographer make it a habit to do some personal works so in this way, you can expand your business.


You want to start a business but you are not ready to quite your job so free lancing is the option with the help of which you can start your own business.

Free lancing is a type of  side business fully depending on your knowledge about the website or some other programming stuff.To start a free lancing business at your home first of all you have to find a particular niche.Let’s assume you are good at graphic designer by trade or you have at least been building your skill with adobe illustrator in your leisure time.If you are good at  logo designing, website designing, photo shop etc. You can also make e-book, startup, blogs etc.

After completing these above steps all you have to do attract the  targeted  consumers for your free lancing business.Attracting the consumers or clients is as important as  the finding  of the profitable niche.

Then set up your strategic prices for your freelancing services you have to set a reasonable price for your service.You have to set neither so high nor so low price.Then you can grow your business along with your job…


So here are top 5 business you can easily start with a low investment and can earn a lot of revenue than your job.


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