Top 5 android photo editing apps of 2018

Top 5 photo editing apps
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In today’s world everyone is addicted to the photpgraphy. So in present world there are some android photo editing apps which are used for editing purposes. In simple words the term editing means to add some extra illusion effects to the image so that it will look better than the previous photo.

So the photo editing is now a common thing. When it comes to smart phone or android phone, there are some editing apps which can be installed in your android phones for editing purposes. Now a days you can edit the image immidietly after capturing it.

So i have made a list of top 5 android photo editing apps that can do much more than the other editing apps. These android photo editing apps are small in size and can be easily installed in the midrange android phones.

So let’s started with our list of top 5 android photo editing apps.

Pics art:-

Among all the android photo editing apps pics art is very popular and famous it has over 300,000 downloads from google playstore and according to me it is one of the best android photo editing apps among all. If you want this app then head straight to the play store and download it.

Pics art is a highly capable camera app for android and ios phones, which offers more editing features and tools like effects, scene modes, filters and stickers than other apps. You can purchase the additional items from its’s own stores. You can also use the images uploaded by the pics art members as your back ground image at no cost. It’s tools are extremely diverse and effective. It provides eye catching back grounds, masks and college maker. The pics art arranges a weekly challenge for the members to exhibit their talent. and win some items from pics art as prize. So pics art is my favourite among all the android photo editing apps.

Photo editor:-

The photo editor takes the second place among all the android photo editing apps. The photo editor is an editing app that provides the true level of photo editing controls on your smartphone. It is one of the reliable android photo editing apps. If you know how to play with colours to create a perfect edited image then photo editor is a perfect android photo editing apps for you.

The photo editor gives super facial photo editing tools and effects like adjusting brightness, hue, contrast etc. The main feature of this android photo editing apps is it provides better colour highlights than other apps. It has also some cool features like adding text, hue etc.


Prisma is one of the popular android photo editing apps out there, and also for a good reason. Prisma provides eye-catching filters with the artistic style of various re-owned personalities and the collection of these filters are updated frequently by additions of newer ones to keep the user community hooked to the app.

Prisma has its social media platform in itself which allows you to share your edited image directly to the social media like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.


The first thing about this Android photo editing app that will catch your attention is when you start using this app is it’s stylish photo editing elements like overlays, stickers and colourful filters etc. These arrangements make the pixlr total different from the other android photo editing apps.

But there are some other features that make it best android photo editing app. It has also a direct platform to the social media in which you can share your edited images. Another feature of this app is a college that makes it perfect.

Photo director:-

Photo director is surprisingly a good android photo editing app which brings a very good tools and editing effects like filters, light effects, lense effects, and various other items.

Photo editor contains a wide range collection of editing features like object removal trick with the help of which you can erase undesirable objects from your phone.

So, guys, these are the best android photo editing apps of 2018. So guys please share and comment your feedback below.

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