Success story of Elon musk-founder of tesla motors.

success musk of elon musk
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Hello guys in this blog i will tell you about one of the famous  entrepreneur and engineer Elon musk.How elon musk become so successful ,how elon musk become the owner of the seven big companies of the world ,how he brings us fresh ideas and new inventions.I will give you every thing about elon musk in this blog.

When talent and dedication come together,the result is elon musk.Never one to rest on his lauret,musk has moved from achievement to other all the time .Elon musk was born in  south africa ,musk’s father was a mechanical engineer and his mother was a popular model,musk began his entrepreneurial ventures very young at the age 10 when he bought his first computer ,he learned computer programming on his own at the age 12 and ghad created a game called Blasters which he sold for us 500$.Musk felt that he should move to the in 1989,he immigrates to America and took admission in Queen’s university while he was 17 only.

Journey to becoming the Elon musk we know-


Right now Elon musk has 7 world’s most valueable companies which includes big names like Tesla,Solarcity,Hyperloop,Space-x,Paypal,Zip 2 etc.

Musk became a multi millionaire in his late 20s by selling ‘Zip 2’ to Compaq computers for us 307 million$.Then he moved on to co-establish an online payments company called which is known as the paypal. in 2002  E-bay acquired paypal for us 1.5 billion $ in stock market.

Achievements of the Elon musk-

Elon musk has world’s seven big companies from which there are some valuable companies now lets analyse those companies..


Tesla is known as the dominator of the electric vehicles in the world.It is an american company that specializes in the electric auto motives,solar panel manufacturing based in california founded in 2003 .Ceo of the company elon musk said that he envisions Tesla as the technology company and independent automaker.

The company model was the world’s best selling plug in cars in 2015 and in 2016 for amazing efforts of the elon musk.The global sale of the model s reached the 200000 units mile stone in 2017.Tesla operates multiple production and assembly plants and its main vehicle manufacturing facility at Tesla factory fremont,California.

In the 2016 due to good performance of the company and members.Tesla topped the consumer report and named as the top american brand and ranked 8th among the global car makers.

According to the global survey report Tesla always aims to disrupt the automotive industry by the creation of many innovative pieces that fits together.Tesla’s sale strategy is to sell the vehicles in the company owned showrooms and online rather than to use a conventional dealer strategy .In this way Tesla become so successful.

Space -x-

After the success of the tesla elon musk takes another step .Elon musk always wants to send people to the mars.So in 2002 he founded space x which is a private american aero space manufacturer and space transport service company head quattered in california.

In 2001 elon musk conceptualized mars oasis a project to land a miniature experimental green house and grow plants on the mars ,so this would be the furthest that life has ever travelling. On the flight home ,musk realized that he would start a company that would build affordable rockets he needed then in early  2002 ,musk was seeking staf for his new space company ,soon to be named space x.The company has grown from the 160 employees to the 6000 employees.At the year end 2012 ,space x had over 40 launches on its manufacture  representing 4 billion $ in contracting revenue.

The goal of the company is to as the musk stated that one of his goal is to improve the cost and reliability to access to the space ,ultimately. by a factor of ten.A major goal of the space x has been to developed a rapidly re-usable launch system and the dream comes true .musk stated that in a 2011 interview that he hopes to send humans to the mars surface with in 10 to 20 years and he is working on it in this way space-x became a major success.

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Solarcity and Hyper-loop-

another achievement of the elon msuk is Solar city.Solar city is a subsidiary company of the tesal .solar city was founded in 2006 by elon musk.By 2009 ,solar city installed solar panels which generates 440 mega watts of power .In 2014 according to the gtm research ,solar installer in the usa .The main goal of the solar city is to build more than 1 billion $.in this way solar city became a major success.

Right now elon musk and his team were working on the Hyperloop project it is a mode of passenger and freight transportation it comprises a sealed tubes through which a pod may travel free of air resistance or friction  conveying people or object at high speed while being very efficient.

So guys they are the achievements of the Elon musk ranked 34th richest man in america and 83rd in the world ,he is also 38th powerful man on the world.he is the founder of the space-x,tesla ,hyper loop,paypal and a  successful businessman,engineer and a investor.He has an estimated net worth of the 11.5 billion $ and he is one of the few people that believes in investing in the projects that holds the potential to change the world.

According to him GREAT COMPANIES ARE


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