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Hello guys welcome to our blog, how to earn money from internet is a big question for all, who want to earn money from home.So in this blog, I will give you the proven method of how to earn money from uc-news.If you know how to earn money from uc-news so read our blog completely I am 100% sure you can know all the procedure of earning…

what is UC-news??

We have to know first what is uc-news and how it works and what is the requirement for this application then we come to earning. Uc-news provides best and super fast news for free. It is very good news provider app. Now the important question is how to earn money from uc-news. So let’s start the topic how can we earn handsome amount of money through uc-news..

How to earn money??

YES!! you can really earn thousands of money without any investments with uc-news. Uc-news gives us a chance to earn money by writing post/article on it. You have to write a post on uc-news and monetize it for earning. You can earn money by advertisements.

How to register on UC-news.

Following the below step for register on uc-news so let’s start…

  • First, you have to go on uc-news produce.
  • Then you have to sign-up for uc-news account and go to settings.
  • First, your account will be approved. it can take sometimes 24hr-48hr.
  • When your uc-news account is approved by uc community then you totally ready to earn money online through uc-news.
  • Then go to post section for write some post in uc-news. you have to write quality news post with attractive thumbnail and title by this process more visitor is come to read your posts.
  • Writing a post in uc-news is very simple and easy you don’t have any problem when you write a post.

How to monetize uc-news post.

You can earn money by displaying ads on your uc-news post, for set up advertising on your post we have to follow the below post-

  • Click on reporting tab.
  • Select on income data/report.
  • Then click on ad monetize option. When ad monetizes is completely done then you can earn money freely with UC-news by displaying ads.
  • when some person read your post and click on display ads then you can earn CPC( cost per click)..the cost per click in India is approx-0.5$ to 5$…
What type of post you have to write.
  • Always you have to remember content is most important for better earning so you have to write good quality content that’s whey user can satisfy by your content and that contains also be helpful for the reader.
  • Never write duplicate contains or copy paste content from other writers.
  • Never mislead audience by fake thumbnail or fake title.
  • Write trending topics that’s whey you can found more visitor. you can find trending topics in ”google trending”.
  • Also, read uc-news policy..


Ok friends that blogs is over now i will give you total step by step process to register and how you can earn and what type of contains you have to write..So guys i think that blog help you to earn money online through uc-news.So if you have any problem then you can comments me below,,please comments guys that motivates me for do more..If you are interest to learn that types of topics then you can also subscribe us..

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