seo article writing tips.

8 killer tips that help you to write a perfect SEO optimized post-a beginners guide.

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All webmaster have one and single aim ”How to rank the Blog post on the first page of google search”.But actually how to do that?? (there is no certain magic) you have to write a perfect Seo optimized article. So in this blog, we will discuss about SEO article writing tips.

In the long run, only search engines(like-  google/bing/yahoo)etc. can help you to get traffic daily to your website. By the SEO optimized article, you can rank high in search engines and get huge traffic daily.

In this article, I will share some of my personal and actionable tips for writing an SEO optimized article. That’s why you can rank high in search results.

When we writing a perfect SEO optimized article, then there are several things that you should keep in your mind.

For writing an SEO optimized article you have to learn some basic of On-page SEO.

1)Like-perfect keyword researching and find your main or focus keyword.

2)perfectly use your focus keyword in your article title, meta description and Heading tags also.

3)you have to write a long and descriptive article. (that solve the problem of your user).

4)Internal linking to your old blog post.

5)optimization of your post image.

6)optimize website speed and many more…

Continue reading the total blog post then you can confident about writing a perfect blog post.

 13 SEO article writing tips which will help you to rank your post.

In ”Seo article writing tips guide” we discuss how to write an article that optimized for Google and relevance for people also.

So let’s get started with keyword research.

SEO article writing tips.


proper keyword researching:-

We all know,

keyword research is the first step of Seo. Without a perfect keyword, we can’t Optimize the article.

So now you must be thinking that how to find the best keyword??

So let’s understand it well…

when you are going to find keyword for your blog post, one thing you have to decide in which area/niche you have to write the article.

I think you are a little bit confused so let’s understand with an example…

Niche selection means in which area you want to write an article.If you want to write an article about Health and fitness then choose your seed keyword/focus keyword like -Best health tips or fitness tips etc…

So now what is the focused keyword/seed keyword??

Focus keyword refers to those keywords which are commonly repeated in your article and your complete post is created regarding that keyword.

When you find out focus keyword then look up its monthly search volume. Don’t choose any high search volume keyword, always go for medium search volume keyword like(500 to 3000 monthly searches).

Also, Don’t choose any high SEO competitive keywords for your blog because if you choose a high competitive keyword then you can’t rank it in the search engine because of high competition.

Now a question must be bouncing around your mind.

How I can know the monthly volume and competition of keyword??

You can find out the monthly volume and the competition of keywords with the help of some tools like Google AdWords, semrush, Ahrifs and KW Finder

For me, KW FINDER is my personal favorite.


You can find your Niche keywords and long tail keyword with the help of Wikipedia and many famous forums like- warrior forums, Quora, yahoo answer and lots more.

By that some forum and q&a sites you can found many searchable long tail keywords. In that way, you can know your user needs.

Always go for long tail keywords(click to know what is a long tail keyword)  when you are choosing for your blog title because it ranks easily 

One problem with longtail keyword is it has low search volume, but if you are a beginner in the SEO field then choose Longtail keyword.

For writing a perfect SEO optimized article your focused keyword density must be in between 1%-1.5% Naturally. Always remember that you have to use your focused keyword in your title tag(H1, H2, H3) any one of them or you can also use in all 3 headings.

My recommendation is, use your focused keyword in the H1 tag.

Use your focused keyword in the first 100 words of your article. Always try to use your focus keyword naturally, don’t use continuously it looks like spam in google eyes.

Read-Keyword research for seo:The definitive guide.

Use LSI keywords in your blog post.

If Lsi Keyword sound new for you then first read→What are Lsi keywords?

If you already know about Lsi keywords then keep reading the article.

Lsi stands for stands for latent semantic indexing.

Lsi keywords are synonyms of your main focus keywords. Let us understand with an example…

ex-If you writing a post about “apple computers” then you can use much more related keywords like-Apple iPhone, apple mac book, apple i pad, apple computers price, apple store and much more related to Apple company brand.

In the above example, you see all the names are synonyms to Apple brand.

If you use all the synonyms keywords in that post then google crawlers understand better about your post and it also helps you in ranking.

Google already lunch Algorithm updates known as ”Hummingbird”.The updates are all about the Lsi keywords implement and make the content better for a user.

The ”Hummingbird” Algorithm mostly focus on the use of Synonyms keywords rather than focus keywords.

By the use of LSI keywords, Google easily knows about your post and rank them in a better place.

Now we discuss “How you can find out Lsi keywords for free”.

You can find outs lots of Lsi keywords for your contents with the help of  “Lsi Graph” tool. It’s a free tool provides you with lots more Synonyms keywords.

Just put your main focus keywords in the Lsi graph tool then you can find out lots of suggested synonyms keywords.

lsi keyword

Look the above Picture-in this case I am putting keyword ”SEO article. Then verify the captcha code and click on the generate button. (Now you can found box of synonyms keywords)

After finding Lsi keywords, Sprinkling the keywords in the total blog post. Always remember don’t use repeatedly your Synonyms keywords.

If you use Synonyms keywords properly in your blog post then your post rank for your focus keywords and also ranks for your synonyms keywords.

By that technique, you can rank for multiple keywords in Google. That also give you lots more traffic to your article.

Write an engageable blog post.

You know blogging is an online business tool. Lots of company do blogging to sell his own product or service.

But writing content about a product/service that your user love and buying that product is not an easy job at all.

You need some experience in content marketing then you can write that type of copy…

If you want to learn how to write an engageable content then follow the steps…

→Write a content that shows your emotion to your reader.

→Write your own personal experience like a storytelling.

→Write a blog copy that shows-“you communicate with your audience”

→Use catchy headlines in your blog copy.

→Be honest to your reader. (means share information that you really know or that you experience)

→Write a long descriptive content that your user love. (above 2000 words)

→Write content in some paragraphs, that’s why your reader freely read.

→Use example for better understanding of your reader.

→Use more quality pictures and infographics.

→Asking question to your reader to communicate well or know about them.

Use all these cool and simple tactics for better engaging with your reader and improve your product selling

Write a perfect post title and meta title:-

The post title and meta title is very important things in your article. First of all, I will give you perfect understanding between post title and meta title.

Post title:- How your reader sees the title of your post on your blog/website.

Post meta title/Seo title:- How search engines show your post in the search result.

Always remind write an Attractive post title that your user love it and also click and read it. This title not shown by the search engine.

But you have to write your post meta title that optimized for search engine and also attractive and more clickable.

You know, if your article is more clicked by the search engine visitor then your post/article ranking will be improved. (It’s simple and experimental techniques that help many others webmaster)

So, always create a more clickable Seo title that really helps you in ranking.

Pro tips:- Always remind the post title must contain the focused keyword, your post title should be unique and post title must be less than 60 characters.

Post meta description:-

meta description

Your post meta description plays a major role in search engine ranking of your post so writing an SEO friendly meta description is important for ranking factor.

You must write a meta description under 156 characters and use your focus keyword in the meta description.

The visitor from the search engine will definitely click on your post if your meta description is more descriptive and attractive. That’s why your blog traffic and CTR(Click through rate)will improve that help you in ranking.

If you run an affiliate marketing website then the meta description is the most important factor for you.

When you add a perfect and descriptive meta description of your product then more visitors attracted to your post.

By highly effective and optimized meta description you can get more traffic from your search engine. That’s why your product will more sell.

A meta description is a great place to input your focused keyword and ranked high in the search engine.

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Write a long and descriptive article:-

Yes!! you have to write the most effective long article for your blog post.

I know visitors are not interested in the long article, but Neil Patel says long and depth article is highly ranked by search engines and get more traffic.

So if you want to rank high in search engine then you have to write the long and descriptive article.

You have to write at least above 2000  words but if you able to write more thousands of words then you must go for it.

By the long blog post, your visitor stays more time on your website that’s why your page dwell time is increased. That effect positively on Seo.

Image ALT attributes:-

alt attribute of image

You know Google can’t read your images. You have to input perfect image name when you upload your image in your blog post.

Always remember input the actual name of your image or proper name.

Many people make the mistake of uploading the image name like image 101.jpg. That’s a major mistake.

When you naming your image then the name should be relevant to the image.

For example:– If you have taken a screenshot of Amazon affiliate dashboard, then the name should be- Amazon affiliate programme.

By the naming of an image, Google can recognize/read your image. That’s why your on-page SEO will be increased.

You can use SEO friendly image plugin, for ‘‘alt attributes” of the image. 

By the proper naming of your image, when someone searches that image then they will find you in a search engine. That’s why your blog traffic will rise.

My recommendation is when you add the name of an image, then must add keywords that’s why your on-page SEO is will be better.

Internal linking to your blog post.


When you publish a new post, then always remember that you have to put your old blog article link in a new/recent published post.

That’s why your traffic will be an increase.

Your search engine can re-crawl your post. (it is the biggest reason for internal linking).

Your bounce rate will reduce rapidly, that effects positively on your on-page SEO strategy.

You know when you link to a blog post, you see an option to add link and title. Then make sure you have to add the main focused keyword in the title.

You can also use the plugin called SEO smart linksfor automatic internal linking with your old blog post.

Remove your stop words in permalinks:-

perma link

When we write a title for our blog post then wee usually use a lot of stop words that have negative effects on SEO.

NOTE:- Some stop words like – a, able, above, about, actually, after, always, around, allow, among, also, hence, here, hi, him, inside, indicate, latter, knows, least, less, something, see, sent, seen, she’s, serious, thanx, take, them etc….for more stop word (click here) .

For example:- 5 ways to earn a good amount of money.

Now your permalink would be like-

In above example ‘To’ and ‘a’ are the stop word. now you have to click on edit permalink and remove the stop words.

NOTE:- Always remember never edit your blog post permalink after publishing the post.

Heading tags:-

heading tags

It is the most SEO factor when we going to write an SEO optimized article.

I know, when you writing a post then you use the Heading tag like-first H1 then H2 then H3 and so on.

yes, that’s a good idea but when you writing a long article then how can you use Heading tag one after another.

My recommendation is read this article ‘‘How to use proper heading tags in the blog post.

According to the SEO guidelines, you have to use your focus keyword in H1, H2, and H3 header tags.

Post Tags:-

If you are a WordPress user then you surely heard about Tags.

So now I will discuss what is tags and what are the advantages of writing an SEO article.

Tags are just like a simple word that helps in finding more relevant contents of your blog.

Some people use tags around 10-15 that’s the biggest mistake. By the google eyes that things are spam. So you have to care about that things.

Use tags minimum 2” or maximum 5” that set.

Use tags that relevant to your blog post or article.

By the use of tags blog bounce rate will be reduced more and more and that affect positively on your SEO.

Always remember don’t use lot’s more tags that’s why your WordPress database is covered unnecessarily.

Make your blog mobile friendly.

Yes, have designed your site according to the mobile-friendly algorithm. Because nowadays mobile are mostly used for search in google.

If you want to optimize your website according to mobile then download AMP FOR WP WordPress plugin.

After activating the plugin wait for some time and check your website is it mobile-friendly or not.

You can check your site is mobile friendly or not by- small SEO tool

mobile friendly seo optimized

Many people just ignore those things and don’t rank high in the search engine.

If you want to know more about mobile-friendly algorithm then->(click here).

Read-How important is Amp? Moz Q&A-MOZ.

Page Loading speed.

If you want to rank high in search engine then you have to speed up/boost your page loading speed.

If your website loading speed is above than 6 second then you need to optimize your website.

Check your website speed by GOOGLE WEBSITE SPEED TESTER.


Page loading speed depends upon Image size, website server, some software, codding or javascript and content also. So you have to fix that issue…

Page loading speed is a top Google ranking factor in 2018. So boosting your page speed is very important for ranking.

If you really want to boost your page loading speed then use good web hosting like-Site ground/Host Gator…Don’t use any cheap hosting service…

Read- 15 tips to speed up your website-moz


1.) Before writing an SEO optimized post do proper keyword researching.

2.) Write a good title for your reader and meta title for search engines.

3.) Post meta description is most important for (better ctr rate)and always use targeted keywords one time in the meta description.

4.) Write a long article in depth.

5.) Use a keyword in image alt text.

6.) Internal link your new blog post to your old blog post. (must use a keyword in link title)

7.) Remove stop words in post permalink.

8.) Use proper heading tags( H1, H2, H3)with focus keyword

 9) Use perfect tags.

 10) make the content mobile friendly.

 11) Boost your page loading speed.

12) Use of LSI keyword.

13) Write an engageable blog post.

In this SEO article writing tips guide, we discuss all tactics. if you have any doubt then let me know in the comment.

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