Free traffic for blog-20 proven hacks skyrocket your website traffic.

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If you come to read my article then I sure you are a blogger and struggling to find free traffic for blog.

So how can you get free traffic for blog??let’s understand with one example.

If you are running a business then a customer is always a king. If you have no customer then you can not say you run a successful business so as like to Business a blog or website needs lots more traffic to become a successful Blog.

So, we learn from this example traffic is very necessary to run a blog or get some revenue from it. Without traffic, we can’t earn a single piece of money from a blog.

So lots more people always search this topic on Google and youtube, how to get free traffic for blog . In today blog I will definitely solve your all problem related to traffic.

Some paid methods and website are available in the market to deliver traffic to your blog.

But wait, don’t use this type of methods.

I am highly recommended you never influenced by that type of offer.(it’s not safe for your website)

Because some traffic is fake and generated by some software or tool and some traffics are comes from the Unwanted website.(it’s harmful to your site).

Check-5 Disadvantages of paid traffic(

So always remember never do that type of mistake…

Because lots more genuine ways are available in markets to generate free traffic for your blog.

So read this article to know ”How to get free traffic for blog” by in some simple and proven strategy.

So follow all rule carefully…

Top proven strategy to get free traffic for Blog consistently.

free traffic for blog

After posting the article on a website what we have done??

After posting an article you have to follow 80/20 principle.

Now, what is 80/20 principle?? 

80/20 principle refers to you focus 80% on your blog promotion and 20% focus on your content.

Now you think what the hell he says?? All experts say content is king and always focus on content but he says completely different.

No No, your thinking is wrong I recommended you 80/20 principle after publishing an Optimized article. Before publishing an article you have to only focus on your content.OK!!

80/20 is a 100% proven principle so let us start our journey How to and where to promote our article.

We discuss 20 proven ways to promote article and get Free traffic for blog.lets start!!


1)Published more article consistently:-

Yes!!consistency is very important if you write the article on your website.

Let’s understand with an example.

Ex-If you published quality article ”Twice a week” then anyhow you have to consistently put the article ”Twice a week” that’s why your user know your article publishing time and he comes back again.

By that strategy, you can find a loyal user that’s why you can found free traffic for blog consistently.

pro tips- You know you can easily convert your loyal user into a happy customer/ always careful and helpful to your user and create a good user base for your blog.

If you are a beginner then put 10 to 15 quality article per month that’s why your user visite your website on a daily basis.

It’s a brilliant strategy to maintain viewers and increases blog traffic for free.

2)Published long article:-


      “Longer posts usually perform better on every level”-Neil Patel.

Published a long and descriptive article has many more benefits.

What are the benefits let us know about this?

When you write above 2000 words quality article then you can say it’s long and descriptive.OK!!

Always remember not to write any story in a long article. Write important points that your users need.

When you write a long article then must focus on use some Good images, infographics and some relevant youtube video. That’s why your user does not board when reading article.

Check ityou can create amazing image and infographics for your website by Canva.

By the perfectly organized long article, your post could be ranked high on google that’s why you can get free traffic for blog.

Pro tips-Long article performed better on the search engine, it also increases your dwell time and by the increase of dwell time your website bounce rate will be decreased and its positive effect on your website on-page SEO.

So always focus to write a long and evergreen article that’s why you can drive traffic to your blog.

Check it-How to be a freelance writer and earn money online.

Check it- Earn money online with google. (without adsense)

3)Series blog posting:-(it’s really amazing tactics).

It’s a very easiest and proven ways to get free traffic for blog.

In that way, you can found returning visitor to your blog on a regular basis.

Now you think what is series blog posting??and how to do??and many more, don’t worry I am here to understand you.

Let’s start with one example-

If you think to publish a post about complete SEO guide. Then published that post is divided into some Chapter. That’s why your user crazes about your next post and came back again to read.

Listen in that strategy you can convert your viewers into a permanent subscriber.

Now you think how can I do it??don’t forget I am here to understand you.

Ex-when a user read the first chapter of your post and satisfy and want to read your future post then you can show a pop-up subscriber forum. In that way, your conversion rate will be skyrocket.

pro tips-Use this easy technique and write problem-solving content that why your user converts into your subscriber.

Now I think you can clearly understand how series blog posting gives you free traffic for blog.

4)Write Ever Green article on your site.

”Evergreen” article means to create an article that uses for a long long time on the internet.

Just think if you write some Good Quality Evergreen article and Ranked it on google 1st page then how much daily traffic you get from the search engine.

Yes definitely use these tactics for getting free traffic for blog.

5)Give the attractive title of your post.

As a blogger, you have to develop your creativeness. That’s why your post attracts lots more readers.

You know blog Headline create a greater impact on a user. Now you definitely think how??so let’s understand with an example.

Ex-Think if your some article ranked on google the first page and your article title is not very attractive then definitely you can find little bits of traffic from search engine.Lots of webmaster facing that type of problem.

So always try to write a good and attractive title that your user needs. In that process, you can find targeted free traffic for blog.

6)Create Best Design for your website.

If you want to attract daily returning visitor to your blog then create a great design for your website that your viewer love.

Grate design means you have to use a good theme that is mobile friendly and easy to navigate etc.

If you are in WordPress platform then you definitely find lots more attractive theme. So choose a better one of theme and setting on your blog.

Always remember the word ”first impression is the last impression”. So if your website design is very attractive then your user come again to your website and also chance to subscribe your website.

By that simple process, you can find a huge amount of free traffic for blog.

It’s all about your profits so make sure to design your website very well.

7)Optimized your blog photo.

It’s not a great way to drive huge traffic but it works and gives you some decent traffic in a month.(let’s read how)

when you add a photo article then use your keyword in images ”alt text”.

if you do not use any keyword in images ”alt text” then Google can’t read your photo.

when you use a keyword in ”alt text” then google can read your photo and index it on google photos.

When someone visits your photo in ”Google image” and click on it then he redirects to your website.

In that way, you can found organically free traffic for blog.

8)Internal Linking your blog post.


Internal linking means to connect your old blog post with your new or trending article.

By the ”Internal linking technique” your traffic spread to your all post and your SEO score will be High.

Google algorithm also say interlinking is great ways to drive traffic and recrawl blog post.

That’s a proven way to get consistently free traffic for blog.

9)Responds to your all blog comments.

Yes definitely if you are a website owner then you have to try to reply you’re every blog comment.

In some comments, a user gives you some suggestion so definitely follow your user suggestion.

In that way, a user satisfies with your blog service and comes again to your website. You can also found a lots more Loyal user and also lots more free traffic for blog.

You can definitely convert your loyal user into a permanent subscriber. So definitely use this technique.

10)Optimized your website speed.

website speed

Website speed creates a very important roll in getting traffic. But how??

Take an example of your-when you search some result in google and click one of the display results if the website is taking some time when you come back from that website. Definitely yes.

Now think about your website, if your site is slow then 50% of visitor come back from your site.

So now you definitely understand How website speed plays an important role.

If you want to check your website speed then go to→page speed insight.

If your website speed is less than 8 second then it’s good nor you have followed these guide→20 ways to speed up your website.

11)Do Good SEO of your website.


I confidently say to you if you are doing good SEO of your website then You have no need to promote your website. It gives you huge free traffic for blog.

Because it’s a way that gives you free targeted traffic to your website. But if you are a beginner then SEO take much more time to executes well for your website.

So now come to the topic what is SEO and how it can help for getting targeted free traffic for blog. So let’s understand.

”SEO means search engine optimization. In that technique, you can Rank your website on the top of google result.

So how can I implement it on my website?so let’s start.

First things I am going to tell you Seo is divided into 2typs 1)ON-PAGE SEO ,2)OFF-PAGE SEO.

⇒In On-page SEO, a keyword is a most important thing, so you have to best keyword for your Article and also you have properly use your keyword in your article. It’s a very big process so if you want to write a Proper SEO article then read this post→How to write a proper SEO optimized article.

⇒In off-page SEO is all about links building or generate backlinks(High quality). You have to create your links and share on social media and comments your website URL on other websites. In that ways, you have to do your OFF page SEO.(it also a very good way to get free traffic to your blog.

Read a complete guide about off-page SEO-The ultimate Guide to off-page SEO-NEIL PATEL.

So I think you can completely understand the value of Seo in getting traffic for your blog.

Now I suggest read more and more article about Seo(read Seo related article in keep practice it on your website.

So SEO is very important for your website for getting free traffic for blog. Don’t think more about SEO it really takes some time to works so keep learning.

12)Use Social Networking Site.


When you publish an article your job is not finished you have to promote your Article more and more then you can get a Good result from it.

So where and how can you promote your article by using Social media and is social media can give you free traffic for blog?so let’s understand…

You can promote your article by using top social networking site like- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. These sites have huge user base site.

Now how can I share a post on social media?

First of all, you have to create an account on all social network site then you have to create business pages on your all social sites.

By the using of business pages, you can easily promote your article on it. In that way, you can found some free traffic for blog.

If you want more engagement or more traffic to your website by using social media then you have to promote your post by spending some money.

So always use social media to promote your article.

Check it-Social media marketing for Business-word stream.

13)Use Social Bookmarking website.

First of all, we learn what is social bookmarking website then we learn how to promote your website by using Social Bookmarking sites.

Social bookmarking sites are as same as the social networking site.

In social bookmarking, you have to create an account on it, then you can promote your niche related article on theirs.

If some people search your niche related article on social bookmarking site then they find you and also read your post.

In that way, you can derive a huge amount of traffic to your website.

Some top Social bookmarking sites are:- Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Dribble, Reddit etc.(these are some quality and high user base Bookmarking site.)

You can simply go to these sites and create your profile there and share your niche related article their.

The social bookmarking site helps you to give awesome free traffic for blog and also give quality backlinks. That helps you to rank high in search engine.

14)Web 2.0 sites.

Web 2.0 sites are the high authority and trusty websites where you can create your backlinks. (These sites are two ways communication sites.)

Then you think how can you build quality backlinks on web 2.0 sites?

So let’s understand…

First of all, you have to create an article same to your niche and insert your website links on it then publish it on web 2.0 sites.

In that way, you can get a very high-quality backlink for your website. It helps you to rank high in Google SERP position.

Some High-quality Web 2.0 website is –,,,

It gives you free traffic for blog and Quality Backlinks also. So definitely use it.

15)Use Blog commenting technique.

Blog commenting is a very great way to drive huge free traffic for Blog.

You can easily comment on others blog and give your website link in that way you can find free traffic for blog and also do-follow backlinks.

By the blog commenting methods, your website gets popular on all over ”web”.It’s a very good way to branding your website.

pro tips-Always keep in mind when you start blog commenting campaigns then make sure to comment on your niche website and comment proper things that why the owner of the blog accept it. Always comment on a high authority website that way you can find a quality backlink.

Use this easy technique for getting backlinks and free traffic to your blog.

16)Do Gust blogging.

gust posting

You know one gust blogging backlinks are same to 100 of blog commenting backlinks. So now you may understand guest blogging is important but how can you do it.

let’s understand…

First, you have to find several websites that accept guest blog. Then contact with those website owners by his email, if they accept then create a great content and send him.

In that way, you found a backlink to your website that helps you to rank high on google and give you lots more free traffic for blog.

Check it:List of 50 quality blogs that accept guest posts.

17)Use content marketing strategy.

When you heard about content marketing you may think it’s a blog post or any social media post.

But it’s not a reality of content marketing.

According to content marketing institute,” it is one type of marketing approach that focused on creating and distributing valuable or relevant content to his user.

In simple language, you can say it’s a long-term strategy that focuses on building a strong relationship with your target audience by giving valuable content consistently.

It’s a very good strategy to get the permanent user for your website and also you can get daily free traffic for blog

18)Video marketing.

Now Video marketing is so simple because of internet penetration so many people use video to market their products.

Now, how you can get free traffic for blog by video marketing strategy?

Simple just make a video on your mobile phone about your website or any valuable information and share it on youtube. You can give your website link to your video description box.

In that way, you can generate lots more audience for your Blog.

You can also share your video courses on udemy or skillshare.

check it-How to earn money online by udemy.

Definitely, use this method to get free traffic for blog.

19)Viral marketing.

It’s one type of marketing strategy and it’s used for market quickly their products or spread brand awareness.

So now how you can do viral marketing? and how to get quick free traffic for blog?let us read.

If you want to do viral marketing then find some viral content for your niche and create an article about it and publish it on your blog.

You can check trending content by ”Google trends’‘.

By the using of viral marketing, you can find a huge amount of free traffic for blog.

20)Use e-mail marketing. (convert your user into subscriber).

email marketing

Normally email marketing means sending emails to your subscriber, for marketing products and service or also your blogs.

Here we don’t talk about all the strategy of email marketing because it’s a very long concept. We talk some basic and important parts like how to collect email and how to get free traffic for blog by this strategy.

First of all, you need an email list for doing email marketing.

Now we learn how to find the email?

You can collect emails by using some email collecting tools like MailChimp, mail much,hellobar etc.

Check it:How to collect emails for mail marketing.

When you have collected sufficient amounts of email then you can do mail marketing by using some tools like-MailChimp and email octopus etc.

In that way, you can do email marketing for your blog promotion.

Final word for you.

Definitely, use this technique because it gives you lots more free traffic for blog.

Guys, here we discuss 20 techniques by this process you can get free traffic for blog. So first understand these process then implements in your blog and keep patience, it takes some time to give you good results.

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