Earn unlimited money by selling e-books-Step by step guide.

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”Selling e-books” is a great method of online income.Many entrepreneurs have to earn millions of money by selling e-books. Creating e-books is more interested when you are passionate about it.

Today’s word is a digital world so no one is interested to read newspaper or books.Some people say these are old fashion.The newspaper and books are going to outdated in future.

I think reading e-books is far better than reading newspaper and books. E-Books have a lot of animation and design images and also bright screen.If you are interested in e-books, how to write an e-book and how can you earn money by selling e-books then read our blog mindfully.

what is an e-book?

An e-book is a digital book which is also a pdf file.You can read this on a computer and mobile phones.An e-book is like a digital book but it looks good than a normal book. Because it contains better graphics and animated images.

How to write a quality e-book.

write ebook

Writing an e-book is quite easy but some people say that it is very difficult to write it or express something.Nowadays e-book is on trend because of some e-books reading app like-kindle.Now I am going to tell some tips on how to write a successful e-book or quality e-book. The tips are well tested and I have collected that tips from various top ranking websites and also my personal experience.

Choose your topic.

  • It is the most important factor in choosing a topic. I will recommend you choose a topic in which area you have lots of experience. That’s why you can write a good and complete description of your topic and user can find information and understand easily.

Writing skill.

⇒In an e-book write at least 20 to 500 pages. Give a total description of your topic.

⇒Write headlines with different colors. Use customized clarity and attractively designed photos.

⇒Create a good looking theme/front photo of your e-book and also choose a better name.

⇒Insert some outer links of various website and application that’s why the e-book looks more professional and user-friendly.

Choose a good price.

valuation of the price of the e-book is quite difficult. If your e-book is contented some unique and value for money and also people believe you, then set a’ high price’. If you a beginner then set a negotiable price. E-book price is a most important factor if an e-book would be over or under price then you might not get so much response.

Make a strategy.

A strategy is must for selling e-books.If you are really want to write a successful e-book then get advice from some professional and friends.If you join in any Facebook group/page then you can ask people on which topic they want to learn.If you have any website/youtube channel then you can also ask your viewer.That way selling e-books is easier.

Best e-book topic.

→Earn money online.

→How to succeed on youtube.

→A-z blogging tips/app development guide/website design guide.

→Top business ideas/business development/selling guide.

→Investing ideas.

→How to get a government job. 

→Important question of some entrance exam.

→How to reduce fat/hair loss.

→General knowledge.

→How to grow attitude/impress someone.

→How to get rich/entrepreneurs.

Choosing a good design and title.


Must of people buy e-books by the attractive design of their covers.So design a good cover image is very important.The cover page should be eye-catching.

You should make a good title which would make the buyer’s/reader curious before reading the book.

Write a perfect description/demo.

If you want people to buy your e-book then you should tell them, why should they buy??what is the profits of the user after buying this e-book??

Your description should be attractive and describe all the mandatory information about your e-book in simple/understanding words.

Run a giveaway campaign.

YES!! if you want more response from people then run a giveaway campaign for 10-15 days to attracts the user.

If you have a blog/ youtube channel/facebook group then you can do that.By the giveaway user can trust you and more friendly that’s why your selling e-book process is better.

 Selling e-books online.

At last, coming to the main and important points ‘how to earn money by selling e-books’.

Amazon Kindle is a very trusted website to ”buying or selling e-books” online.You can least your e-books on Amazon Kindle platform in some easy steps.

You can also try some other website like Lulu, Smashwords, my ebook etc…. 

How to promote your e-books on social media.


This I have already describe much more technics how to sell the e-book. Now I will give you some ideas to sell e-books on social media.

⇒Facebook is a very big social media platform that you can share your e-books link in facebook account.If you have a good facebook page then you can also share your e-books link there.You can also run paid advertising on Facebook to reach the more targeted audience.

⇒If you have a youtube channel then you can also promote your e-books.Also, you can be commenting on the youtube videos with your e-books links.

So guys if you follow our complete guide mindfully then you can write a successful e-book and also sell it and earn good revenue.

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