Earn money from amazon seller..step by step guide..

Earn money from amazon seller
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Halo guys, welcome to our blog. In this blog i will give you the step by step detailed of how to earn money from AMAZON SELLER ..Some people wan’t to start her online store but they stop due to financial problem. If you start a online business with zero investment then i will give you total description about how can you start..If you have some digital/physical products then you start that business..If you interest to start the online business then read the total blog carefully.



  • Amazon creating his seller platform for local business owner or who start his online business.Amazon seller is a open source platform where all types of user are allowed to join.Here the joining process is totally free .When you go to join,, amazon ask you some details and address that you have to complete. Then amazon allows you to his seller platform.
  • Then you can sell any types of products that you decides.In this platform you can sell both physical and digital products.
  • First you have to logged in your account in amazon seller then take products images that you have to sell online.Write the products description,,description must be good and easy to understand.By good description a user find all clarity of that products.Then you have set a reasonable  products price that attracts costumer..
  • When you set products on amazon website and some user buy your products,,then you have to give some percentage to amazon.If you not able to delivered your products don’t worry amazon will delivered your products but you have to pay some percentage to amazon..
  • Amazon is world’s no 1 online e-commerce website and that have heavy traffic..so if your products is good value for money then your products is definitely  sold by costumer..In that process you can start yours own online store with very low investments..



  • It is a very good business that lots of people do and earn lakhs of money..If you have some knowledge or experience on any field then you can create an e-book..Then write description about book and set a price that’s perfect for users..
  • Now e-books are  very popular and lots of people buy e-books for getting knowledge..e-books are cheaper than a physical book so most of user prefer e-books.
  • If your book have some good contains then user definitely  buy ,, in that way your e-books is famous and gives you lots of money..most of people do that job greatly and earn lakhs of money..It is zero investment business.You can sell e-books for free in kindle app.


  1. Search in google trending which products was search most of time to buy..
  2. What types of products a user wants to buy.
  3. supply of the products.
  4. Vision of the products.
  5. Market research.
  6. Products is vale for money or not.
  7. financial condition.
  8. find review about that products and solve the mistakes that other seller do..

When you choose a products then read above 8-steps that’s gives you clarity what type of products do you want to sell.

I think guys that blog must be help full for if you start a online store business..Any query about this blog if you ask below..


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